Some People Managed to Sell Complete Garbage And Earned Crazy Money!

If a salesperson sells you an imitation set as a gold jewelry set, this is what you can call cheating. But if a person starts selling every pixel on a website for a dollar and people are willing to buy it to write their name or brand name on the bought pixel area on the website, you call that complete garbage. It is amazing to find that there are no dearth of persons willing to buy complete garbage with million bucks as if it is the last thing they will ever buy. Here are some of the example how some people managed to sell the most insignificant things at prices you cannot even imagine in your wild dreams.

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A Blob Of Dry Glue

A blob of dried glue that represents the head of the popular The Simpson’s character Homer Simpson was sold for unbelievable $239,000 by a clever Englishman through an auction on eBay. It is understandable that a fan of the Simpson has bought it and the price could have secured the life of a poor person.

A Printout

A print of a post from an email that read that anything could be art and so, the post is also an art got sold be $90,900 in a matter of one and a half day since it was uploaded on eBay for auction. The worst part is that people are fighting with their bids to get it. Can’t you take a similar printout for less than a dollar!

Potato Salad

Amazing things can happen when you start to open collect fund through crowdfunding platforms. A person started collection funds to cook potato salad and he wanted only $10 but he ended up getting $55,400 for the same.

An Older Sweater

A person bought an old sweater for merely 58 cents but there was a tag in the name of the popular American footballer Vince Lombardi Jr. Thanks to the tag in it, the person auctioned it on eBay and got whopping $43,000 for the same.

Eating In Front Of Mirror

It is understandable to spend crazy money sitting at the most expensive restaurant in the world. But you sit in an ordinary restaurant and eat food and get $10,000 per month, it is bizarre. That is what exactly happening in South Korea where people are getting paid $10,000 per month to eat a huge chunk of food in front of a mirror!

Pixel On Website

A person made a website and starting selling each pixel of the website to people who are willing to pay one dollar for each pixel. One pixel is almost invisible and hence, a person has to buy 10 to 100 pixels to showcase their name or brand and anything shelling out $100 bucks. The person ended up earning millions of dollars in a matter of six months.

I Wear Your Shirt

A person named Jason Sadler started wearing t-shirts of different brands and put the photos on social media. Soon he became popular and he used to put on t-shirts of sponsored brands and earned over million. He also got interviewed by several mainstream media channel and a documentary was made on him.

Lost Suitcase

The company Wendt is known to auction the suitcase that the owner left by mistake and nobody came forward to claim. You will be surprised to learn that people are ready to pay thousands of dollars to buy the suitcase. Maybe they are expecting to find some hidden gems.

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