Size 38 to 30 – Parineeti Revealed Her Weight Loss Secrets!!


Parineeti was an overweight Bollywood actress who made a stunning debut along with Alia Bhatt. But she faded from the trending list due to a few lackluster movies. She confessed that she was overweight and compared herself with Vidya Balan and Huma Qureshi. She went undercover for a few months due to lack of Bollywood projects, and when she came back to perform an item number in the movie Dishoom, she shocked the entire world with her amazing transformation. 



1. What Did She Think At The Beginning?




She recently opened up about her sudden transformation. She said that when she debuted in Bollywood, she thought that her acting skill is enough to provide superhit movies. She was overweight from her childhood and added to that; she is a big time foodie. But soon she realized that to stay in Bollywood; she needs to more glamorous and slim like the top actresses at present. She all confessed that she lost many Bollywood movies because of her overweight state.




2. What Forced Her To Transform Herself?




Even since she got popular, she became a social media darling. But soon, she started getting trolled by her own fans due to her fat state. Furthermore, she had multiple wardrobe malfunctions because the dresses were not fit for her figure. She could only wear a few selected dresses from her designers and she had to cover herself entirely to hide her fatty body. She was frustrated of being a subject of troll and not getting movies for her weight.




3.The Transformation!!




Within six months she completely transformed herself. She used to wear 38 size jeans but after weight loss, it came to merely 30 size. She lost more than 25 kilos and she looks younger than ever. She can flaunt her figure in public just like other top actresses and she started getting multiple movies offers now.




4. What Did She Actually Do?




Her revealed that she used to start her day by jogging for half an hour. Then she used to meditate to relax her muscles and improve her health. Then for the next one hour, she used to do different postures of yoga which she claimed did wonders.




5. What Were Her Daily Activities?




Apart from those morning exercises, she used to swim a lot and spend leisure time on the treadmill. But the attributed dancing to be a major factor for her weight loss. She learned many dancing forms in between, and it made her figure perfect during weight loss.




6. What Was Her Diet To Lose Weight?



She had to give up her foodie tag and eat only those foods prescribed by the dietician. She gave up eating junk food like burger, pizza, and other oily food. Her breakfast consisted of milk, brown bread, eggs and fruit juices.




7. What Did She Have During Lunch and Dinner?



For lunch, she used to have dal and roti, brown rich at times, salad and leafy vegetables. For dinner, she used to have milk, salad, and dishes cooked with slight oil.



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