11 Simple Steps To Get Back Your Glowing Radiant Skin!

Your dull and dry skin could have a negative impression on the person standing in front of you. You need to pamper your skin a little to bring back the radiant glow with which you were born. You can spend hundreds of dollars on skincare products but unless you set the basic things right, nothing will work as you expect.

You need to bring about a change in your lifestyle and you have to pick and eat certain food so that your skin returns to normal and your glow will surely attract everyone's attention. Here are 11 simple steps to get the glowing skin back. 



1. Clean and Moisturize Your Skin Daily



Always begin and end your day with cleansing and moisturizing of your skin, most especially your face and neck region. Use gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type. And first, rinse your face with warm water before using the cleanser to remove the oil. This provides your skin with the cleanliness it needs while also helping to maintain freshness.


2. Eat Healthy Foods



You need to be eating a lot more of the foods that are beneficial to your skin. Avoid the foods that worsen your skin condition. Foods that keep you hydrated and improve your immune system should be focused. Such as colorful fruits; antioxidants, selenium, healthy fats, green tea, etc. Avoid refined sugar, greasy foods, etc.


3. Exfoliate Your Skin



While you are working hard on showing off the fresh cells on your skin, it’s important that you remove the dead cells on your skin. Exfoliation will also remove all the keratinized skin cells covering the fresh skin cells. Remember not to over-exfoliate to avoid being too sensitive to redness and irritation.


4. Drink A Lot Of Water



Water helps in getting rid of skin toxins and the rejuvenation process of the skin cells. You should increase your water intake to eight glasses a day; it will help your skin immensely.


5. Always Get A Quality Sleep



Sleep allows your body to rebuild and heal every part of your skin to look radiant. Ensure to get a quality sleep daily at night when your body is accustomed to the refreshing process.


6. Don’t Expose Your Skin Too Much



Sun damages your natural skin texture and tone. Always use sunscreen when necessary. Do not think you are tanning your skin by exposing it under the sun without some form of protection.


7. Detoxify Your Body



When the organs of your body are overloaded, your skin would also be affected. This overload would make your skin not to be able to eliminate toxins. Detoxify your body to help your skin to have less responsibility in releasing toxins. This will promote your skin health and glowing nature.


8. Get A Daily Dose Of Vitamin C



Vitamin C is important to achieving a bright and even completion of the skin. Vitamin C will also promote the lifecycle of your skin cells and a quick elimination when they are dead. It also helps to protect your skin from damaging effects of environmental factors including that of the sun.


9. Use Antioxidant Boosters



The use of antioxidants such as green tea allows your skin to benefit more from the Vitamin C taken. As bioflavonoids, they inhibit the oxidation of Vitamin C, helping your skin to remain rejuvenated and healthy.



10. Avoid Touching Your Face 



Placing your hands on your skin promotes the level of oil on it due to a transfer of oil from one spot to another. This is more when you press acne. This oiling of multiple regions promotes acne. Always sanitize your phone because the heat on it multiplies the bacteria it can carry, and when placed on your face for a call makes you vulnerable to skin infection.


11. Use Corresponding Make-ups



Ensure to use corresponding make-ups when you want to even out your skin tone. Concentrate more on removing redness. Always choose shades lighter than your skin. Make sure to use the appropriate amount of concealer; not too much. And always choose a bronzer that is darker than your skin.


If you following the above-mentioned steps rigorously, you will see the change in your skin with time.



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