12 Simple Steps To Get A Perfect Skin Tone

Who does not want to have a flawless skin tone? But to get the same, girls try out different expensive products and heavy makeup. But more often than not, the outcome is not always as expected. Why spend more when you can achieve your desired results with minimal effort and that too without visiting beauty parlor?

Here are the simple life hacks to discover a perfect skin tone and make people appreciate your natural beauty. When you have a nice skin tone, simple makeup will make your shine amidst the crowd.



1. Drinking A Lot of Water:



The secret of getting a perfect skin tone is to drink plenty of water. Lack of water can make our skin look dull and dry. With adequate water, your skin will look supple and stay nourished. Avoid milk-sugar tea and opt for green tea.


2. Eating Healthy Foods:



Another way to achieve a good skin complexion is by consuming healthy food comprising of fresh vegetables and fruits. They provide the skin with a valuable source of vitamins and minerals, making them glow.


3. Knowing Your Skin Type:



It is important to know what type of skin you possess. People have dry, normal, oily, and combination skin. Some also have sensitive skin and others may have acne prone skin. By identifying the skin type, one can choose the right product.


4. Cleansing:



The first step of having a good skin externally is by applying a cleanser. Always opt for mild cleansers. It will remove the dirt from your skin pores in a smooth and gentle way without damaging the skin.


5. Toning:



Toning is an important aspect of getting a good skin as it makes the skin feel tight and supple. Always go for alcohol-free toners. Using a good toner will remove the appearance of fine lines on your skin.


6. Moisturizing:



It is one of the most important characteristics in skin care. Moisturization helps the skin to maintain its firmness by not letting the skin to get dry. It is also advised for people with oily skin to use a moisturizer, as they too need to hydrate their skin.


7. Sun Protection:



The sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays can damage the skin by causing pigmentation, and skin darkening. It is advised to always use a sunscreen every time you step out. The minimum SPF quantity of a sunscreen should be 30 and should be applied at least 30 minutes before getting exposed to the sun.


8. Exfoliation:



It is necessary to exfoliate your face at least once in a week. It removes the excess oil and dirt deep from the skin and gives that soft touch. However, if you have existing acne, then do not exfoliate as it can aggravate the acne and could lead to scars. Exfoliation should not be done daily.


9. Avoiding Heavy Makeup:



Makeup can clog pores and lead your skin get blocked. Avoid makeup as much as you can. Allow your skin to breathe, putting makeup can lead to the appearance of lines and makes the skin look dull.


10. Washing Face Daily At Night:



Always wash your face in the morning and at night. You must also wash your face after you come home from outside. After washing your face, you can apply a good hydrating moisturizer before going to the bed. Aloevera works as a natural moisturizer for any type of skin.


11. Using Facial Mask:



You must also try to use a natural facial mask when you are at home. Always use home-based ingredients like honey, banana peels, orange, tomato, potato, olive oil, besan, rice powder, or other fruits to make a face mask.


12. Exercise and Sleep:



Getting a good night sleep also helps you to get a perfect skin. You must combine your daily routine with some good exercise as it balances the blood flow in your body.


Getting a good skin tone and doing proper skin care are not rocket science. All you need is a little bit of awareness, time and healthy lifestyle.



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