7 Simple steps To Do Water Transfer Printing Via Spray Paints


"Do It Yourself", the concept is getting pretty popular these days and why not? It's a cheaper way to create something for which you would normally have to pay at least twice. And the best reason – you get to do creativity with your hands, right at home! Believe it or not, there is some surreal kind of fun and aestheticness about the hand-made stuff.

Today, we are going to talk about the super-cool "Water Printing" or ''Water Transfer Printing'' or ''Hydro-printing''. It is a process of transferring different patterns to the desired object (Helmets, Deer Skulls, Guns etc) into a thin film on the surface by means of water.

As technical as it sounds, it is equally easy. Check it out!



Things You Need for Water Transfer Printing


1. Spray Paints – Hard part would be to choose the color.

2. Container – To fill the water, size depending on the thing you want to print.

3. Water – Duh.


Let's Start!


For the ease of explanation, let's talk about printing a guitar or phone cover. The concept remains the same for everything that you print.


Step 1

Take a container big enough for the guitar/cover to completely submerge and fill it with water.



Step 2

Take the spray paints, shake them well and start spraying on the water. You will notice that instead of diluting with water, the paints make a layer on the very top. This is the base of your final print.



Step 3

Continue with spraying more paint till it doesn't spread so much. Use as many colors and combinations as you want. The print totally depends on creativity.



Step 4

Make designs in the spray paint layer lightly with your finger or with a pin or such. This step is obviously optional.



Step 5

Now, dip the guitar in the container at a 45 degrees angle and you will see that the paint layer starts holding on to it. Dip it completely.



Step 6

Remove the extra paint at sides with your finger or stick and take out the guitar/phone cover or whatever that you are printing.



Step 7

Leave it to dry and get obsessed over your creativity.



You may try different things to work with water printing and none would disappoint. If nothing, you will surely have a lot of fun. Check out the variety of things that you can print with this method. Also, feel free to experiment with more stuff, you never know what masterpiece you create.


Some Common Examples of Water Painting 


1. Guns

Spray paints or hydro-printing film, both can give your gun a stunning and personalized look that could be really intimidating!



2. Deer Skulls

With the amazing paints that cover the structure of the skull, hydro printed deer skulls kinda look like dinosaur skulls, no?



3. Helmets

Experimentation with prints and films can be a real win for your helmet – truly something to get creative and innovative with.



4. Fashion Accessories

Wow! That was pretty unexpected, right? But the truth is that you can very well apply this formula to your fashion accessories to give them a trendy and chic look.



5. Phone Covers

Small accessories like phone covers, card holders, badges etc. can be epic fun to play around, with customized and crazy color schemes.



6. Consoles

Want to give the cool stuff an even more cool a look? You might want to try water printing on your consoles and such.



7. Cups

How fun it is to use something that you have created or applied your creativity on! That's the same kind of feeling that you will get by printing your coffee mugs and cups.



8. Car Accessories

Want to take water printing to another level? Try coloring some parts or more of your car and see the awesomeness to follow.



9. Bike Accessories

People have created masterpieces of customized bikes with this method, so what are you waiting for? Oh, this might just woo a girl too.



10. Home Accessories

What more, you can get creative with home stuff and if it turns out nicely, your Mom is gonna get happy too. So, win win!



So, how did you like knowing that you can do water printing yourself, right at home, without fancy machinery and technology? Do put down your comments to tell us if you tried making something or your thoughts around the same. Hope you enjoyed reading. Cheers!



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