14 Simple Signs To Know If Your Computer Is Getting Hacked

The trend of the personal computers getting hacked has reached a new high in 2017. Every other month, you will get to hear about ransomware attacks where personal data and private photos are hacked and the hackers demand thousands of dollars(ransom) to return the hacked items and give back the control of the computer.

The big question is how would you know your computer is hacked or being hacked? Here are 14 simple signs you need to watch to know if your computer is on the radar of the hackers. 



1. Password Not Working



If your passwords of different accounts do not work suddenly and if you see that your password has been changed in a few days' time, you can be sure that your account, as well as your computer, is hacked.


2. New Files In Recycle Bin



If you find some files and folders are deleted or there are new files and folders in recycle bin that you did not delete, you can be sure that your computer is being hacked. 

3. Your AntiVirus Gets Turned Off 



The first thing a hacker does after gaining an access to someone's computer is turning off the antivirus. Hence, if you observe that your antivirus is turned off without your involvement, it is a strong sign that someone else or hacker has done it.


4. Unusual Hardware Behavior



If your mouse cursor is moving automatically, letters are getting typed without you typing it or other hardware are showing errors, then there are high chances of someone sniffing in your computer. 


5. Unusual Login



If you check your social media accounts, Gmail or other important accounts and find unusual activities that you have not done, you need to watch out your computer and protect it immediately.


6. Fake Antivirus Messages



If you start seeing too many fake antivirus messages showing your computer has too many viruses and malware, it is a common sign that your computer's security is already compromised. These fake messages are full of viruses themselves.


7. Unwanted Toolbars and Random Popups



If you see extra toolbars in your browser, new extensions added, you are getting too many popups and redirections, you should be alarmed.


8. New Software Installed



When you check start bar and find new programs installed and their icons appear on your desktop, it means viruses have percolated and maybe, hackers have eyes on you.


9. Your Friends Are Receiving Messages and Invitations



These days hackers target social media accounts and it is easy for them to get access to them as you are always logged into your accounts from your browsers. If your friends complain receiving unusual messages or invitations, you need to look deeper. 


10. Digital Wallets Hacked



It is easy for hackers who have access to your computer to steal the money from your digital wallets as you are already logged into them from your browser all the time. If you find such activities, consult a security expert.


11. Task Manager or Registry Editor Is Disabled



It is a common observation that when hackers take over a computer secretly, they disable task manager and registry editor through malware. This is done so that malicious background processes cannot get terminated manually by the user.

12. Your Personal Media Uploaded Online



If you find that your personal data or personal photos or video is uploaded on the internet that you did not upload anywhere, it is a strong sign that hackers have access to your computer. If you feel like your computer is behaving weirdly, you need to do a search online to see if your personal data or photos are uploaded somewhere or not.


13. The Webcam Is Behaving Weirdly



Hacking the webcam is a common technique some hackers adopt to record private photos and videos. If you see your webcam not working or the flash is turning on and off, you need to inspect.


14. Your Computer Has Become Slow



There are various reasons for your computer to become slow. But if opening a simple website is taking a lot of time, a trusted web address is getting redirected, your homepage has changed and different websites have got bookmarked, you should consider them as signs of getting hacked.


If you observe multiple of the above-mentioned signed, do consult an expert and take steps before it is too late. 



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