10 Simple Exercises To Get Perfect Legs That Every Girl Dreams Of

It is natural for every woman to try everything they have in hand to look beautiful. While some have natural beauty, others work their way out to look equally beautiful. But beauty is not restricted to face and skin complexion. The shape of the body is equally important for a girl to be attractive and appealing. Men have always been attracted to women when they show off their perfectly toned legs. So here are some ways you can make your thighs and legs look perfect.



1. Lunges With Jump-Changing Legs



Lunge your left leg forward, hold your back straight and keep your right knee a little lower than the left knee. Jump as high as you can, you can also take help of your arms. Swap your legs in the mid-air, landing in a perfect lunge position with your right leg on the floor. Begin with 10-12 times, changing your leg each time before landing, gradually increasing the number of times.


 2. Jump Crunches 



Bend your knees, drawing your arms back. Jump up,  lift your knees as high as possible.This exercise requires more effort than the others. It’s difficult to do 30 jumps the first time, so gradually I crease the number of times from 15 onwards.


3. Leg Raise On The Side 1



Bend towards your right side, and prop on your hand. Put your left hand on the floor towards your front. Raise and lower your right leg slowly. Repeat for your other leg. This exercise is useful both for thighs and buttocks.


 4: Leg Raise On The Side 2



Bend on your right side, and prop on your hand. Bend your left leg, and put it on the floor in front of you, keeping it still. Raise and lower your right leg slowly.Repeat this for other legs too and your inner things will be perfect. 


5. Dumbbell Lunges



Keep your back straight keeping your hands along your sides. Keeping it straight, step back with your right leg, and then your left leg.


6. Sidelong Bows With A Dumbbell



It Includes putting your left hand on your waist, holding the dumbbell towards your right. Take a step left, bow down with a total straight back, and turn your torso in line along with your right leg. Touching your left ankle with your right hand, keep your right leg straight and your left one bent at the knee.


7. Smooth Leg Raise From The Prone Position



Propping yourself on your hands and right knee, stretch your left leg. Raise your left leg until it is really high, then slowly lower it back. Change your legs and keep repeating.


8. Diagonal Leg



Bend faceup on the floor along with knees bent, hands on the floor by hip and feet flat. Lift your hips off floor and tuck left foot under your right thigh, pointing your left knee towards left.


9. Side-Lunge Butt Kicker



Stand with feet hip-width apart, keeping your arms by sides. Lunge towards right with your right leg, keeping toes pointed in your front and bending your right knee towards 90 degrees right. Hinge forward from your hips and touch the floor with your left hand.


10. Thigh Trimmer



Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your arms by sides. Bend your knees and hinge forward from the hips to the floor with your hands keeping it a few inches towards the front of your feet. Lift your left foot behind you, a few inches above the floor and point your left knee slightly to left. That's all.


Make sure you perform these exercises regularly and with time, your legs will take the perfect shape like the ones men like the most! Wanna a perfect Butt?? Check it out!!



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