15 Signs That You Are With an Emotionally Abusive Partner


There are times in a relationship when you feel like you are not being respected enough, you don't have a say in anything, being humiliated constantly or worse you feel that you have lost your identity in the relationship. This is not a phase, it is not something that has propped up due to other circumstances, but is psychological abuse by your partner on you. It often leads to the development of inferiority complex, depression, and mental trauma.


It is always better to be aware of what is happening with your partner and you before you end up helplessly calling the suicide hotline. Some of those glaring signs of emotional abuse are highlighted below.



1. Humiliation & not in a fun way


You partner makes fun of your and always belittles you, especially in front of other without any regard for your feelings. That belittlement will not be in a humorous manner but will be looking condescension right in the eye.



2. Disregard for you opinion 


They will always neglect or pay least heed to your opinions and suggestions. You often feel bad or feel like being non-existent.



3. Blame you for being sensitive


Many times, when there is a fight, and you feel awful about something they have done, they call you 'too sensitive', which you feel you totally aren't and he/she is being unreasonable.



4. Permission seeking policies


Is would have become a commonality for you to ask your permission for doing anything, even something as trivial as going out with your friends on a weekend, or spending a few bucks for yourself.



5. Point out negatives and not praising the positives


Your partner always admonishes and chastises you for your wrongs but never does the opposite, that is, saying a few words of praise when you have done something productive or even have accomplished something.



6. Making excuses 


When they know that they have done something wrong, they almost always deny it, shift the blame on others or even you, and would never apologize for it.



7. Constant boundary-crossing


Certain boundaries only apply to you, and not your partner or so they make it seem. They constantly cross set boundaries and you helplessly let them get away with it.



8. Being emotionally unavailable most of the time


Being with someone means that you two promise to provide emotional support for each other. This is absent from your partner's side and they even try to get out of such situations where you need them to give emotional support.



9. Always make threats to get what they want


Abusers make subtle yet grave threats to get what they want. You might have even failed to notice this and might have even bent to their will without realizing it.



10. Create doubts in your mind


An abuser will make you doubt yourself, even in situations where you know that you are absolutely right. They can lie to your face and make your knowledge of something seem blurry enough that you start to doubt your own findings.





11. Small gifts to mask their abuse


An abusive partner suddenly throws compliments or gifts you an expensive thing out of the blue, and this would just be to mask all that abusive behavior that they have been showing towards you. It won't be something you have wanted but something nice and shiny.



12. No sense of supportiveness


In a healthy relationship, you will always feel that you partner is your cushion, you wake up feeling safe and happy. An abusive relationship will not give you that sense of backing.



13. No balance in the relationship


If you always feel that you fight a lot and that your partner takes the first chance to pounce upon you when something goes upside down, rather than trying to set things right, then that is a big red signal.



14. Focusing only on negatives


Your partner brings up an old fight unnecessarily in an argument just to put you down, or win the argument. They always try to overload you with negatives.



15. Lack of respect for your requests & in general, you 


They have little respect for your requests, opinions, or in general you as a human being. They always take you for granted and do things that they were going to anyway, despite your dislike for it.




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