Should We Concede that Trump is Unfit to be the Prez?


Questions are being raised about President Trump's capabilities as the leader of the biggest economy in the world. The recent incident with Michael Flynn was a testament to Trump's of administration that is characterized by indiscipline, deceit, incompetence and now disloyalty? What are his relations with the Russians, their president, and what happened with Russian Intelligence during the election campaign?




Several Republicans, including Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, seem to have a fair idea of Trump being unfit as the leader of the nation, as they feel that Flynn's resignation from the post of National Adviser & the nature of his contacts with the Russian diplomats are telling signs of Trump's unfitness.



While some Democratic & Republican Congressmen have agreed that the Congress's Intelligence organization is sufficient, while the others think that a bipartisan select committee which would be far more transparent about its deeds & isn't constrained by the boundaries of the jurisdiction is necessary. Those pushing for the formation of a committee have their reasons. They feel if the people of America are made aware of the happenings, is the only way to bolster their confidence in the administration.



Amidst these dubious times, one can be happy that the collective efforts of the citizens, the courts, the civil servants and the fearless media have brought into light the inconvenient facts that Trump would have hidden. So pressed is the President is now that he chose only to assign blame, ie through his Twitter response. 




We might as well ponder this: Aren't we being rash, in writing off Trump as inept, too soon?


The answer is no, we might as well get used to it because the Trump that we are seeing now is exactly the same Trump that Jeb Bush once foretold to be. He had said that Trump is a chaotic candidate and that he surely would be a chaotic president. Probably that is the reason for 11 million and more Americans voted against the man. His responsibility was to gain the trust of those who voted against him, instead, he has fueled their fears of a chaotic government and has done some more!



What do you think?

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