Shocking! 10 Reasons Why You Are Farting So Much!!


Through a worldwide survey, it is found that a person farts almost ten times a day on an average. The sound of the fart is embarrassing and hence everyone wants to pretend that it is not their act or they pass it slowly not to make any sound. But the worst part of it is when the quality is very bad for the noses around you. It is simply disgusting and your status and personality can do down the drain. It is important to understand the source of fart generation to eradicate them. 



1.High Altitude




It is a common tendency in human beings to feel like farting on an airplane. It is because the gas inside our body tends to expand as the height increases and the urge to pass it increases. The same is true when you go to the mountain region. Farting is a sign of good health.




2.Digested Food




The digested foods are more likely to generate more gas than undigested one. The digested food when broken down and energy is released, as a byproduct, gasses are released.




3.Air While Eating




There are basically two sources of production of gasses for farting. One is the gasses produced inside our body from the food we eat and the second is the air we swallow while eating. Talking too much and laughing while eating leads to swallowing air while eating and it goes out of the body from the rear side. 




4.Chewing Gum




You would notice that we open our mouth every time we chew a gum. That constant opening and closing of mouth leads the air outside to enter the mouth and ultimately leading to loud farting.




5.Evil Radish




Radish is one of the top most food that is quite sure to help you generate maximum gas in your stomach and you are sure to fart continuously for it. 




6.Salad Lovers




If you eat a lot of leafy vegetables, some of them are likely to trigger farting. Farting after eating salads is good because it shows that the salads are getting digested better.




7.Lactose Food After Carbohydrate Food




If we take carbohydrate foods like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes and then drink milk or yogurt, it is more likely to produce gasses in the stomach and they are mostly unpleasant in smell.




8.Blame It On Stress




These days, stress is the reason of all sorts of human diseases. Stress induces farting a lot. The stomach is connected to the nerves and any disturbance in your nervous system triggers farting.




9.After Pregnancy




It is very natural for women who have given birth to a baby recently to fart more than usual. The condition is likely to get normalize with a few weeks automatically.




10.Constipation and Diarrhea




Stomach problems like constipation and diarrhea conditions are when the rate of farting will increase exponentially and the smell can be annoying and disgusting.


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