The wedding day is undoubted the most memorable day in every couple's life. The brides spend days to choose the best wedding dresses and even hire specialist wedding designers to design unique wedding dresses so that everyone's attention stay glued to them.But in this process of being unique, some of the brides had put on some of the weirdest dresses ever to exist on Earth.

Today, we are going to list the worst wedding dresses that a sensible person will never wear even when she is paid to do so.



Check out the most Worst Wedding Dresses


1. Wannabe Kim Kardashian



That moment when the bride's  would-be husband said that he likes girls with curves and the bride does all she could to impress her would-be husband on the wedding day.


2. Wings To Imagination



If you fix your gaze on the top part of the dress, you would be highly impressed, but the moment you turn your vision down, you would understand that the bride wants to be an angel. Damn her imagination and fascination.


3. The Mummy Returns


One thing is very clear that she does not like the bridegroom, and hence, she wanted to look the worst and scared the shit out of him before the wedding takes place so that he could run away. 


4. Nothing For Imagination



Look like the bride cannot wait for the wedding night. Therefore, she literally came in two pieces so that no time is wasting in undressing and losing virginity if she still has it.


5. Pregnancy Before Wedding?


Is it really that necessary to show the guest that you are pregnant before your wedding? I would not be surprised if the groom refuses to marry her after she shows up with this. 


6. The Full Exposure


it is quite sure that she is getting wedded on a very hot day and there was no air-conditioner in the church, and hence, she decided to expose her skin for the natural breeze to cool her down.


7. Show Off



While Kim Kardashian shows off her curves with skin tight dresses and exposing cleavage, this bride took it to the next level, and she made sure that she makes the headline the next day. 


8. She Needs Money



She had no money to buy a wedding dress, or she might have got completely robbed on her way to the wedding hall. Not sure why the bridegroom is so happy, maybe he has already started fantasizing about the wedding night. 


9. The Ancient Dress



Only an ancient dress that has been dug up from the underground could look so ridiculous as that. Even the groom does not want to hold her up. 


10. The Mummy Reincarnation



It looks like the bride has gone to Egypt and went under the pyramid to bring a dead mummy back to her life. Maybe there are just too many mosquitoes!


11. Fortune Has Run Out



The bad days have started for the groom, and he is literally struggling to lift his bride. That's the price you pay for marrying a girl who has no sense of reality. 


12. The Real Alien



Here comes the UFO landing gently on the ground to marry an Earthly human being. Just wondering how she could stand so tall. All the guest can literally go under her dress and do mischievous things. 


13. The Greatest Actress



She truly deserves the Oscar, and the people who are holding her infinite dress deserve to get Oscars for supporting role. 


14. Balloon Wedding Dress



You have to credit the designer of the dress for putting together so many balloons and create a masterpiece. But for the bride, it is the worst she could wear. Anyone can puncture it, and she cannot even sit with it. 


15. The Comic Dress



This couple must be living their lives inside comic books, and hence, one has dressed as black Captain America and other as a mermaid. 


16. Cage Wedding Dress



This girl has to plan to cage her groom inside her back spiral thing and carry him along with her wherever she goes. 


17. The Tight Wedding Dress



Surely, this girl likes to wear skinny dresses and show off her curves no matter what the occasion is. When you have it, why not flaunt it. 


18. The Condom Wedding Dress



This is the best dress you can have when you have the wedding night in your mind all the time. No dearth of protection.


19. The Vagina Wedding Dress



It looks like the bride wants to tempt and tease every male guest and especially the groom showing off a female vagina! Who buys such dresses?


20. The Worst Of Them All


The couples decided that they want to relive the ancient age when people used to roam naked. 


Do mention in the comment below which worst wedding dresses would you like to see your ex-boyfriend's bride or ex-girlfriend put on their wedding day to take a proper revenge by trolling them.