Richest Cricketer In The World? Find out from the Top 10 List


We all know that BCCI is the richest cricket board in the entire world and for the same fact, Indian cricketers are the highest paid in the world. But in India, cricketers are considered same as Gods, and they get so many endorsements offers that their net worth is always expanding exponentially. Here are the top ten richest cricketers in the world and more than half of them are Indians. 



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1. Sachin Tendulkar




He truly is God Of Cricket. No one has been able to play so many years as him, and hence, with least number of endorsements, he is the King of the cricketers in the world even today.


Net Worth – $118 Million





2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni




M.S. Dhoni is the highest paid cricket in the world. Added to that, he gets the maximum number of endorsement offers other than Virat Kohli. No wonders why he is occupying the spot in the list very deservingly.


Net Worth $103 Million





3. Ricky Ponting




Ricky Ponting was the most successful captain Of Australia. He played the most number of matches as a Captain in the entire world. 


Net Worth $65 Million





4. Virat Kohli




Finally, he is on the list and many of you would have expected him to top the chart. He is the highest paid cricketer in the world after MS Dhoni. It is only a matter of years before he tops the chart.


Net Worth $53 Million





5. Shane Warne




He has always drawn attention on the field and off the field as well. One of the greatest spinners of the world, he is still involved in commentary and playing poker. 


Net Worth $50 Million





6. Shahid Afridi




He started playing for Pakistan from a very young age of 16 and he is still going strong. With such a big reign in world cricket, he has to be on this list and he truly deserves every bit of it.


Net Worth $ 41 Million





7. Shane Watson




He was one of the best all-rounders in the world and he was one of the most sought after players in T20 tournament. He kept his value intact throughout his career and is the 7th richest cricketer in the world.


Net Worth $40 Million





8. Virendra Sehwag




Even though he has retired, his funny and at times controversial tweets have kept him in trending position. He was probably the most entertaining crickets of them all and his new gimmick in Twitter helps him to earn a lot. 


Net Worth $39.9 Million





9.  Yuvraj Singh




After the likes of Sachin, Sourav, Dravid, Laxman and Kumble, Yuvraj was the biggest star of his generation and it is good to see him within top ten richest cricketers in the world. He truly is a fighter and a real life hero.


Net Worth $ 35.5 Million





10. Rahul Dravid




This is another surprise because Rahul Dravid has retired quite a few years ago. Yet, none of the currently playing cricketers except the ones mentioned above have been able to top him in terms of net worth. 


Net Worth $ 22.6 Million



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