Republicans ask Trump to Deliver on His Promise! Want Obamacare Repealed ASAP!


More than two weeks have gone by since Donald Trump was sworn in as the US president, and half of the Republicans are asking the President to deliver on his promise of a replacement for Obamacare! While the other half have elected to be patient as the entire healthcare system needs to be overhauled and have also asked to retain parts of the extant system intact, leading up to a possible intra-party rift!



On one side are the lawmakers who have a lot of experience dealing with healthcare in recent times, and they have urged caution and moderation. They fear that the swift repealing of the law might have unprecedented and undesired outcomes & have begun speaking of tweaking the law and retaining things that "work" rather than scrapping it off entirely. 


The other side has a set of Republicans who want the Obamacare revoked and something better put on Trump's table and not something that is a modification of the existing law. This is due to the fear that their constituents back home, want just that and nothing less than that.



Amidst these differences, President Donald Trump has said in an interview on Fox News that he would call the overhauling of the health care system a "very complicated" process and wouldn't want to commit to a definite timeline for its rollout! But said that a rudimentary form of the system should be done within the year. This might not be acceptable for the conservative group of members of the House.


Speaker of the US House of representatives, Paul Ryan & other Republicans are working on a budget bill, but that has been burdened with including a replacement for Obamacare in that legislation itself. Ryan said that he hopes to move the health care legislation to March!


Bringing a replacement for the Affordable Care Act becomes the primary task, as millions could lose coverage suddenly. Doug Heye, who was an aide to Eric Cantor, the former House Majority Leader ridiculed the complaints from Republicans abut the party not being quick enough to vote for the repeal & recalled that the vote was made back in 2014 with ease but the replacement to the healthcare wasn't so.



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