11 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Dating Online Right Now

Do you have more dating apps than other useful apps on your smartphone? Do you open your social media accounts regularly for dating online? Is it slowly turning into an addiction for you? If your answers are in affirmation, you need to break up with your habit of dating online and nailing your opposite gender partners.

It is not really surprising to find that 59% of adult Americans believe that online dating is awesome in this digital world. But it is that 41 % who are smarter probably because they had experienced and realized the truth or seen the ugly side of it. Here are the 11 reasons for you to stop online dating immediately



1. Just For Killing The Time


Online dating is not genuine, and you cannot expect people to really date you. They are there either to kill their boredom, fulfill their sexual desires in the imaginary world or to get over their past relationship by distracting their mind. So, you are just a tool for a brief period of time.


2. Fulfilling Sexual Desire Online


There are many ways to fulfill desire online. Some watches videos, other reads story but online dating is probably the best way to do so because there is an element of reality. A person gets to talk to someone else and completely open themselves up in a way they can never do in front of a person whom they just met. Most of the online dating conversation end up adult chats and that's the end.


3. One-Night Stand


The reason why men and women are on Tinder or OkCupid is that they are trying to find someone with whom they can have a one-night stand and forget him or her for the lifetime. It is not dating or setting up a relationship. It is just for fulfilling bodily pleasures. So, don't be fooled by the term online dating app. 


4. Authenticity Is Always Questionable


In the online world, you never know whether to person you are so-called dating is truly like the photos that are being displayed or someone else completely. Sometimes, the real person turns out to be of the opposite gender to what he or she is displaying on their profiles. 


5. Nothing Beyond Online Messages


Over 90% of so-called online dating matches never meet in personal life. Most of it end with messages because either or both of them are not serious. A couple of cheesy lines, sexual chats and the imaginary online relationship is over. 


6. No Privacy And Shameful Leaks


It is very common in online dating to share private images and videos with someone unknown to impress and excite them. But in the process, most of the people share them on adult sites for money or to take revenge. 


7. Bigger Traps and Frauds


Another big reason why you need to stop before it gets worse is that malicious people are setting up traps for young girls and boys and the reports of rape cases, beating up and what not are reported every day.


8. Corruption Of Mind


Even though you might have installed dating apps and registered on the online platforms with the right intention but when you find the truth, you are sure to become one of them. Your search for opposite gender will end, and you would be there just to get laid killing your identity once and for all.

9. A Bad Addiction


It becomes a bad addiction and even if you realize that, you cannot get out of it because your mind will not let you. You would lose so much time chasing something immaterial when you could have grown an organic relationship in the real world. 


10. Loss Of Original Character


You will surely lose your character in the online world because you have to put up fake photos with lots of editing to impress people to connect to you. You would have to lie and pretend to impress people, and it will become your habit, and you would be so fake. 


11. Major Health Issues


Online dating can be frustrating if you do not get to connect with people. It causes depression, anxiety, lower self-esteem, and mental issues. Your personal life would take a toll due to lack of time and due to constant usage of smartphones, complex health issues are inevitable.


In life, everything does not happen the way you want it. It is time to admit that online dating is not for you if you are looking to go on a date with a compatible person and have a beautiful relationship. 



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