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Reasons Why You Should Rejoice About Eating With Hands

There are various countries in the world which have not yet got the tag of a developed country. In most of these countries, people eat with their hands and it is looked down upon by the people of the developed countries. However, you should take pride in eating with hands because there are various benefits and you should know these benefits so that you can preach them whenever someone objects to your eating with hands.

Blood Circulation –

Eating with hands is a muscular exercise and it increases the blood circulation in the hand and fingers. Therefore, who do not work intensely with fingers regularly, it is a good thing to eat with hands.

Connection With Food –

We all know that we develop an instant connection with anyone when we touch them. Similarly, we develop a sensual relationship with food items when you avoid the fork and spoon and use your finger to taste the delicacies. You can instantly create a connection that will last in your memory for a longer period of time.

Better Digestion –

According to Ayurveda, when you put food in the mouth, you form a perfect posture that activates the sensory organs and your prana gets balanced. When you touch, the nerves on the fingertips get activated and they send signals to the brain to release digestive juices for better digestion.

Acupuncture –

We all know that the nerve ends on the fingers are related to heart, solar plexus, root chakra, and various other body parts. Therefore, eating with hands activates your chakra and regulate blood circulation for better health conditions.

Protect Your Tongue –

There are a lot of situations when you eat and drink something that is hot and it leaves behind a burning sensation in the sensitive tissues of the tongue. That is when you eat with your hands, you know the hotness.

More Hygienic –

This is going to be heavily shocking for many but eating with spoons, forks, and chopsticks are less hygienic than eating with hands. For example, if you are eating in a restaurant, you are likely to wash the hand before eating but the spoons and forks are provided by restaurant staffs which are prone to germs.

More Convenience-

Eating with hands is far more convenient and that is why most of the people eat with hands. For examples, eating non-veg with bones like meats and fishes are inconvenient with spoons an forks.

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