Real Life Superhumans Whom You Should Worship Instead Of Movie Superheroes!


Almost all of us think that superhumans can only exist in movies and books. But everything in life has an exception. Similarly, there are some exceptional human beings who are rightly called the real life superhumans, and their super abilities are going to give you the shock of your life.



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1. Wim Hof – The Iceman


Super Ability – Can Withstand Freeze Temperature Without Any Cloth.




He has the world record of remaining submerged in an ice tub for 1 hour and 52 mins without any clothes. He has also run marathons barefooted on snow. He has got this power through meditation. He can control his body temperature.




2. Masutatsu Oyama 


Super Ability – Could Kill A Bull With A Blow.




He is the undefeated martial arts champion. He fought with 52 bulls with bare hands and he killed 3 of the bulls with a single blow. He died in 1994.




3. Natasha Demkina


Super Ability – X-Ray Vision.





She is a Russia, and she has X-ray eyes.She can see through a person and get images of his or her organs and tissues and bones. 




4. Ben Underwood


Super Ability – Echolocation




Echolocation is a unique feature possessed by the bats where they make sense of any object in their path by the echo of their sound. Ben had retinal cancer and become blind after the operation. He somehow discovered the echolocation feature within him and he could identify any object by the sound reflected from them. 




5. Michel Lotito


Super Ability – Can Eat Metallic Objects




It is said that Lotito had eaten an entire airplane in about 2 years time. He has thick stomach lining and he can any piece of metal easily. He has also eaten TV sets, bicycles and what not.




6. Tim Cridland


Super Ability – Incapable Of Feeling Pain




He holds a name in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the maximum tolerance for pain. He has demonstrated his super ability by subjecting his body to fire, nails in front of live audience.




7. Gino Martino


Super Ability – Smash Anything With His Skull




He is a professional wrestler and he has smashed blocks of concrete, sledgehammer, large and heavy objects with ease. He has a very thick skull which gives him the super ability.




8. Rajmohan Nair


Super Ability – Can Withstand Electricity Passing Through His Body




He is called the Electric Man because you can pass electricity through his body and he does not get a shock. Doctors have revealed that he has 30 times more capacity to withstand electricity than a normal human being.




9. Jyothi Raj


Super Ability – Can Climb Anything Without Ropes




He can climb anything in the backward direction as well which makes him the Spiderman in real life. He has climbed mountains, forts, hills facing downwards.




10. Master Zhou


Super Ability – Can Heat Up Anything With bare Hands




He is called the Jewel of China. He can generate heat as much as the boiling point of water with his hands. 


These are the top ten real life superhumans you could have never imagined that they would exist. Truly, nothing is impossible.



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