President Only- Top 9 Secrets of US President’s Aircraft Air Force One

Being the President of the United States of America would be a lot of work but it surely must be a “worth it” with the privileges that come with the title of the Most Powerful Person in the human world. The coolest kind of traveling through Air Force One is one of the specials that Donald Trump has started enjoying (sadly?) and one can only wonder what that would be like. And to answer the cat’s curiosity, here are Top 9 Secrets of President’s Personal Plane, “The” Air Force One.



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1. Looks: Check


The President flies in two identical, specially adapted Air Force One aircraft: SAM-28,000 and SAM-29,000. The outside look is that of the standard Boeing 747s to check the security of the President. But on the inside, each plane, weighing 400 tons, is 64 feet high with 4,000 square feet of cabin space and consists of advanced technology and luxury.






2. You can’t Simply Travel in This


Air Force One carries only 70 passengers at most, 26 of them being the crew as compared to 400 passengers in the standard 747. The only lucky ones who can travel in this privileged ride are President’s personal staff, reporters, flight crew and invited VIP guests.

Your chance of ever boarding it: None.






3. Food Shopping


The plane has giant freezers that can store food for up to 2,000 meals, enough to sustain one week. The kitchen staff has two galleys to cook meals for 100 people at once. And what if the groceries run out? Plane lands and the food is bought from random grocery stores to defeat the chance of the foodstuff being poisoned.






4. Special Pilots Only


To fly the President’s Aircraft could be the ultimate dream come true for a pilot. No matter the experience, although one can apply only after a long career in flying, the pilots for Air Force One are exclusively hand-picked after scrutinizing the applicants thoroughly to avoid compromise in security.





5. High Tech Electronics


The President’s Aircraft is installed with advanced technology like Electronic Countermeasures or ECMs to make it invisible on enemy’s radar, focused on its upper level. The wiring, running for more than 175 miles, is sheathed to defend it against the hazardous electromagnetic pulse sent by a nuclear explosion. It also features 87 telephone connections, 19 Televisions and many radios and computers.






6. Ready for Action


The entire time alert for any sign of danger (threats can arise unannounced, anytime, anywhere), the efficient secret service agents hide throughout the plane to stop any form terrorist activity and neutralize the enemy’s plan. The concentration is specifically high around the President’s suite.





7. Movie-like Stairs


Remember the retractable stairs; you must have seen it in the action movies! Ooh yeah, President’s Aircraft has the cool retractable stairs, both at the front as well as the rear. This is so that they don’t have to use and only depend on the boarding facilities of the local airport if they sense a security risk.






8. Smart Fuel System


Air Force One has four engines and fuel tanks, which has space for 200,000 liters or 50,000 gallons of fuel, in the wings. Since the fuel tanks carry such a high volume of flammable fuel, special infrared units are set up to detect the heat of incoming bullets and missiles, and fire flares to seize them.




9. Do Not Disturb


In order to give him the utmost comfort and privacy, Air Force One homes a personal suite for the President, many of whom are quoted to have said that they have more privacy there than on the ground. The rooms on the midlevel of the plane include a bedroom, a gym, a shower room and an office.



Hope you enjoyed reading about the “President Only” Air Force One. Please put down your comments about the same and don’t forget to flaunt the secret knowledge. Cheers!



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