14 Popular Types of Cheese You Should Know About

There are literally unlimited types of cheese available and new types of cheese are getting added to the unlimited list quite regularly. Even though there are a lot of people who do not like cheese at all but the percentage of cheese lovers are greater. There are several benefits of cheese such prevention from cancer and cavity, cures migraines, increases bone strength, brings a glow to the skin and enhances the immune system. It contains proteins, calcium, Vitamin A and B12.


You cannot call yourself a hardcore lover of cheese unless you do not know the popular types of cheese available in the market and their applications. Different type of cheese tastes different in palate and this is exactly why you need to try them out. France is the biggest consumer of cheese followed by Iceland and Finland. Britain is known for producing the largest number of cheese variants in the world. Here are the most popular cheese variants you should know about.



1. Gouda Cheese


It is the best Dutch cheese with a yellowish color. It is made from cow milk and named after the city where it is prepared. It takes at least 4 weeks to prepare the young cheese while the very old cheese takes a year or more. They are best as burger toppings and grilled cheese sandwich. 

Country: Netherlands


2. Parmigiano-Reggiano


It is called the 'King Of Cheese" and is made from unpasteurized cow milk. It has a fruity taste but inferior quality tastes quite bitter. It is used in risottos, as toppings on pasta dishes and in soups and salads. But the most popular use of them is in the form of snacks.  

Country: Italy


3. Mozzarella


It is prepared from water buffalo or cow milk. It is white is color and looks very fresh as it is served the next day after it is prepared. It is popular as the delicious toppings for Pizza. Apart from that, it is also used in the sandwich with tomato. One can store it in the fridge for months.

Country: Italy


4. Brie


It is quite pale in color and generally has white mold on the top. Its flavor varies a lot depending on the ingredients used during preparation. It is prepared from skimmed milk. It is a great source of protein, vitamins, and fat. It is soft cheese and several delicious recipes are there that will make your heart melt. 

Country: France


5. Cheddar


Cheddar is one of the most commonly used and available cheeses around the world. It takes more than a year to prepare great quality cheddar. It is best used in sandwiches and in grilled form. The color may vary depending on the diet of the cows from whose milk it is prepared. 

Country: England


6. Swiss Cheese


These cheeses are quite distinctive in appearance as every block has a hole in it known as 'eyes'.  Those without a hole are called blind. In spite of Swiss origin, it is mostly prepared in the USA and sometimes referred to as American Swiss cheese. It is best in semi-way form and it is considered to be second-best cheese in America and wildly used in Subway dishes

Country: Switzerland


7. Feta


It takes about 3 months to prepare a good quality Feta cheese. Generally, milk from goat or sheep is used and it gives the cheese a special flavor. It is used in sandwich, salads and with olive oil in Mexican dishes

Country: Greece


8. Gruyere Cheese


It is a hard yellow cheese and it tastes sweet and salty. But this taste varies as its ages. It stays creamy when young while fully aged ones have a grainy texture. It is best used for baking and used widely in onion soup, French cheese and ham sandwich, and burger.

Country: Switzerland


9. Monterey Jack


It takes a month to prepare it from cow's milk. It is mostly used in melted form and used in making pepper jack cheese. It falls under the category of soft and white cheese. There are various variants available like pepper jack cheese, dry jack cheese and likewise. It is best as migraine cure

Country: USA


10. Taleggio



It takes two to three months to prepare this variant of cheese. It is one of the oldest cheeses in the world. It falls under the semi-soft cheese and has a fruity taste. It goes well with tomato and salads. Its molten form is used in risotto and it is made from raw milk. 

Country: Italy


11. Provolone


It is produced in various shapes and sizes and sometimes it is smoked during its preparation for flavor. It is often used in pizzas and sandwiches. It is quite popular in European countries and its molten form is used as starters in soups. 

Country: Italy


12. Camembert


A minimum of three weeks is needed to prepare it from unpasteurized cow milk. It is soft and creamy and most of the people find it delicious. It is quite similar to Brie cheese and not widely available but yet it is quite popular for its freshness. 

Country: France


13. Pecorino Romano


It is made out of sheep milk and it was available in ancient Rome. It is considered to be the second-best hard cheese in the world. It is also produced in America but they use cow milk instead of sheep p and hence, the taste varies a lot. It takes five to eight months to prepare it. 

Country: Italy


14. Gorgonzola 


It falls under blue cheese category and prepared from unskimmed cow milk. It is available in various variants like buttery, creamy, firm, and crumbly. The aging time is generally 3 months and used with pasta dishes. But it is best used as a topping for pizza.

Country: Italy


Go to your nearby local store and order the cheese by their name and when it arrives, use it appropriately to get the heavenly taste stored in them. 



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