13 Packing Hacks For Packing Your Suitcase Like A Pro

Tour and travel are meant to be carefree yet the thoughts of packing your suitcase and bags give you a nightmare. You have to fit so many things in so little space. If you do not know the skills of packing your bags efficiently, you will have to carry unnecessary heavy luggage which could make your traveling experience unpleasant.

All you have to do is to learn those hacks and tricks once and you can surprise everyone with your skill to fit in everything in one luggage like a pro. 



1. Roll Your Clothes



With the folding of clothes into a luggage box, a lot of space is consumed which may leave you looking for space even with few clothes yet to be packed. Well, that embarrassing situation can be handled professionally when you decide to roll your clothes. Rolling helps you maintain cloth style and also gain maximum space.


2. Make Use of Shoe Space



Whenever you are low on packing space, there are packing options to explore. You should always make use of the space afforded by your shoe. Stuff some little item which is unbreakable into your shoe space and save some space.


3. Stack Your Bra



This works two ways, saving space and maintaining bra shape. Place your bras directly on each other’s top. Turn over the stack and then have your underwear placed in the cups of the bottom bra. Then go ahead and fold all the bras in half between the cups.


4. Separate Your Jewelry



In the effective packing of jewelries like necklaces, rings, earnings etc, make use of pill case compartments or even an old lip balm to keep them separate. When they are separated, they are easier to find as they don’t mix up with other clothes.


5. Make Use of Dry-Cleaning Bags



When packing clothes that wrinkles easily, fold them neatly and put them inside a dry-cleaning bag. Making use of a dry-cleaning bag to pack them ensures that crease and wrinkles don’t get to them.


6. Cover Your Shoes



Shoes are meant to be packed as well. But they should not be allowed to bring dirt to the rest of the clothes. So, to avoid that, use a shower cap and neatly wrap your shoes inside it.


7. Make Use of Packing Cubes



Travels get easier to prepare for when packing cubes are used. When your clothes and belongings are divided into different packing cubes, it gives you flexibility and easy identification of item locations.


8. Make Use of Dryer Sheets For Freshness



After the journey, you certainly do need your clothes to still be as fresh as when you packed the bag. This can be achieved when you slip a dryer sheet on top on every cloth before placing another cloth on top.


9. Protect your Breakables



To ensure the safety of the breakables you are taking along with you on your journey, do pack them inside of a sock or between layers of clothes. This will prevent any direct impact on the breakables.


10. Pack by Outfit



Your trip is meant to last a few days. Packing your clothes according to the outfits to go for each day helps you to reduce the tendency of packing stuffs you will end up not making use of.


11. Prevent Liquid Spillage



It’s always an awful experience to have your liquid substance spill on your clothes. This can be prevented by setting a small plastic wrap in between the product lip and screwing the lid tight on.


12. Have a Laundry Bag



When packing to travel, it is always helpful to have a laundry bag with it. You might not be opportune to do the laundry there, so a laundry bag helps differentiate dirty clothes from clean ones.


13. Protect Your Makeup



Often times when you travel with your makeup kits (for the ladies) you find out that they get broken right in the bag. You can prevent this makeup breakage as you stick some cotton balls inside the makeup combat before packing into the bag.


If you have your own set of packing tricks, do let us know in the comment section. Hope your travel packing would be easier next time. 



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