ooh-la-la !!! 9 Firangi Celebs Who Spellbound Indians with desi style

 1. HUGE JACKMAN shares the stage with SRK and Vidya in Bollywood beat


The renowned Australian superstar Hugh Jackman is well known for his role as wolverine in the X-man film series. His visit to India on the event of FICCI Frames conclave 2011 just wows Mumbai by his Bolywood style dance with Shah Rukh Khan and Vidya Balan.






2. AKON in a DESI Look


American born rapper and singer Akon is famous for his spectacular combination of his R&B-style vocals with hip-hop beats. He was invited to India by his Hydrabadi friends and was greeted by a traditional puja and tikka on his forehead.






3. TOM CRUISE is eagerly waiting for a Bollywood offer


‘’Tom Cruise’’ a sensational figure around the globe. The American-born Actor visited India for the promotion of Movie ‘’Mission Impossible” and he quoted that he love to see Hindi movies and would never say no if he will be offered a Bollywood movie








4. LADY GAGA quoted ''Namastey India'' with tricolor Hairdo


Lady Gaga is an American singer and songwriter invited to India to perform at the grand finale inaugural function of Grand Pix. She wore a saree inspired dress in the stage performance and also tweeted ‘Namaste’ on arriving in India.






 5. SHAKIRA… Waka Waka Girl Loves Indian Culture and Food


       Shakiraaa…..The heart starts throbbing faster. She is a versatile singer, dancer, songwriter visited India on her        world tour for ''oral fixation Vol.2'' album. Her Indian outfit stage performance arrested the viewers.






6. PARIS HILTON…. Wants to visit again..!!!


American model and actress Paris Hilton visited an orphanage in Mumbai. Hilton was broken for those orphans who lead a pathetic life there. She quoted ‘‘her heart was broken and made a vow to visit orphanage in every country she visits.’’






7. BRAD PITT regretted the opportunity he missed to work with Aishwarya….



The American-based actor-producer Brad pitt visited India for the shooting of the movie “A Mighty heart”. He           was fascinated by the Indian cinema because of the vibrant colors and much drama in the movies and would           love to work in Bollywood.







8. WILL SMITH sang Bollywood song so perfectly in Hindi accent…..


''Men in Black'' star cast Will Smith was invited to the very popular reality show ''Indian Idol2 '' , where he grab everyone's attention by his enchanting voice with India accent.






9. NICOLE SCHERZINGER Rocks the Dance floor with her curvy moves


Nicole was invited to the grand wedding of Sanjay Hinduja's wedding at Udaipur where she captivated the guest's attention by her performance with Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. She posted in Instagram quoting" I am blessed to perform in India"



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