8 Easy Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet Dog To Wow Your Guests

Ever heard of the term dog intelligence? It is the ability of a dog to acquire new information and skill, store it in the memory and retrieve it in due time. Sometimes dog behaves very weirdly and funny with the owner but are very intelligent and obeys his owner too. It only takes a few hours of exposure to training a dog to learn a new skill. Dogs have advanced memory skills, and with further training and practice, he can combine it with other skills and create something totally different if given the freedom. 

When you have a pet dog, you should take your time out to teach it new tricks that could be entertaining for both of you. It helps their brains to stay stimulated. Here are some of the best ideas you need tot try out. Note that for all these trick, the usual click and treat method is used where a clicker (A small device that produces sound and available in a pet store) is pressed and a treat (food piece) is given to eat.



1. Death Scare


First make your dog learn the posture of limp, crawl and lie. Then use the click and treat to give three commands one by one for a few times. 

Then bring it down to "DEAD" command and do click and treat method. It will soon get used to limp, crawl and lie with the "DEAD" command. This can scare the shit out of your guests. 


2. Bow Down


This is a trick your dog can use eery time a new guest arrives at your place.

First, make your dog learn the posture and use the click and treat method to get him in that posture again and again. 

Then start using the word "BOW" every time he gets in that posture. Say the same when your guest arrives. 


3. Feel Ashamed


Though it is a little difficult to bring the expression at once yet, it is worth it. You have to attach some sticky tape on its nose so that it makes that expression. Then use click and treat and add a sentence like "Ashamed Of You" every time you attach the tape, and it makes a face. He may not acquire it so easily. Therefore, you have to try it quite a few times before giving up. 


4. Moon Walk


How cool would it be if your dog can do some moon walk to entertain your guests? Let your dog face you and keep a small distance between both of you. Have a treat in your hand, and it will move backward if you move forward by instinct.

Use it to let your dog take one step back at a time and press the click and give the treat. Continue this for some time and say the command "Moon Walk" once it gets used to it. 


5. Roll Over


Lay your dog upside down and keep a treat in your hand and make it roll either by itself or you can help it out. Keeping luring it till it gets used to the rolling movement. You may have to do it a few days before it starts enjoying it. Then give the command "ROLL" and use click and treat method to make it permanent in its mind.   


6. Spin Dance


Take a touch stick and guide it gently to move in circular motion. It may be like to do it and once it gets used to it, use a command or a hand gesture. You can also spin with him to make it a habit for your dog initially.    


7. Cute Flattering Posture


Who does not fall in love with a dog when it sits in a cute posture? You have to keep the treat at a certain higher level so that it reaches out to it. Do not give the treat instantly rather wait for some time for it to get used to the posture. Then when it lifts the paws up in the air and stays in that posture, use the command "Sit Cute" to get it inside his head.  


8. Catch A Ball


This is a rather simple trick that you can teach your dog all by yourself without hiring a trainer. All you have to do is click and throw food bits at first for the dog to catch. Then try throwing toys or tennis balls so that it does not hurt. Start from a small distance and then increase it slowly. 


Even though a pet dog can learn any of these tricks within a day, you should make it practice for seven days continuously to master each one. Tell us which one your pet dog could do the best and did some brainstorming to come out with something unique. 



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