My friend lost weight by doing nothing, literally! Still, HOW?


Meeting your friend after a long time, looking forward to recreating the beautiful, fun-filled memories you had shared before and hey, what do you see?


"You have lost weight! When? How?"


While you are looking for a definite answer, your friend simply shrugs with a shy giggle. And that's when you know that your friend lost weight in a not-so-hard way, but what? Here are the 5 things you can do at home without much extra effort and you can lose weight significantly!


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1. Walk Walk Walk


Walk when you talk. Walk when you mock. Walk when you stalk. Walking can help in your goal so well, you're going to (or not) tell everyone how you lost weight soon! Walk small distances instead of using conveyance. Also, try to take half an hour out and just walk on the terrace or a nearby park.






2. Resist Chhole Bhature, not Chocolate


You read that right! You don't have to give up on your favorites like chocolates and ice creams, although giving up would help, but concentrate on avoiding oily stuff on priority like Chhole Bhature, fries and alike. Eating right always helps in losing weight and avoiding oils is the first, and the most important step.







3. Get Chef-Y


You won't believe but the amount of calories that you burn while cooking is incomparable to any other home maintenance jobs. If you are someone who cooks daily, you are on the right track, just a couple more things and you are good to go. Others, explore the chef inside you and let it display on your plate.







4. Stair-way to Fitness


Stairs could be your stair-way to fitness! Going up and down the stairs must be a part of your everyday lifestyle but a little effort can make that everyday habit a real fruitful one. Take two rounds instead of one, never take the escalators, stay away from elevators and take some extra rounds anyway, you're on the stair-way!







5. Let's order? Oh No!


Of course, right? Outside food, no matter how clean and healthy it looks, always has some catch and the catch is majorly seen when you are looking for signs of obesity. Avoid outside and processed foods as much as you can and this resolution can seriously take a toll on your fats.




To catalyze your weight loss program, you should consider eating greens, avoiding fatty eatables and exercising daily for 20-40 minutes. Do put down your comments on what you think of these remedies and your experiences around the same. Let's lose that fat! Cheers!


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