How Much Do Big Companies Make Per Second?

The wild thought of how much big companies in the world make per day must have crossed your mind. But the fact is that they make so much per day that the number will be too much for you to comprehend. You will be surprised to find out how much they make per second and then you can always do the math for a day’s earning. Well, you are sure to get depressed after reading the numbers because your one month’s earning might not be equal to some of the per second revenues. Starting with Apple, Google and Facebook to McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Netflix, here are the figures to blow your mind.

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From the prices of the products, you can tell that Apple makes the most revenue among all other companies. It makes whopping $6793 per second out of which $1448 is going to their profit book.

You can check out how much money Apple makes by selling one iPhone to get the idea of their highest revenue source.


Many of you may not know that Google is a product of the company named Alphabet. It is listed on the stock exchange with the name Alphabet as well. Alphabet makes $2845 per second out of which their profit is $617 after paying out.


When you talk about Apple and Google, you cannot help but take Samsung into consideration. The electronics giant makes $5643 per second but only $626 adds to their profit.


Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce company. So many products are getting sold every second and hence, their revenue is $4312 per second but out of that only 1.74% that is $75 is their profit.


When you talk about Amazon, you cannot leave behind eBay. Even though the popularity of the company has gone down significantly, it still manages to make around $281 per second and it has the highest profit margin of 41% from its revenue.


This is probably the company of which everyone wants to know how much do they make per second. Well, the figure is $876 per second and 37% contributes to their profit which is around $323 per second.


Coca-Cola’s beverages are something we grow up with and drink till the last day on the earth. When most of the people in the world are their consumer, you can understand how many products they are selling per second that amounts to $1312 revenue per second.


Life without McDonald’s is incomplete for many. Start from burgers to chicken wings, McDonald’s is the leading food retailers in Europe. They make $780 per second on an average and it translates to $148 as profit.


Our childhood would not have been awesome without Disney. Not only the TV shows, they have so many merchandises, baby and child products available in the market. All these contribute to $1755 revenue per second and $297 is getting added to their profit as the second’s hand ticks.

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