Mexican Papdi Chaat, tried yet? Top 9 ideas to enjoy Papdi Chaat more and more!


 A tickling on the taste buds and you know you are missing something full of taste and spices. You think about various options in your head, only to swipe them off your eye-screen until you get the answer right. And when you have the kind of anxiousness on your taste buds that makes you deflect all the drooling foods, it’s time you should be buying a plate full of flavour-packed Papdi Chaat! Papdi Chaat can pleasingly satisfy your desire to eat something that shuts all your senses, all but one, one that sizzles the tongue. Here are Top 9 innovations to experiment with while making Papdi Chaat that can make the food-gasm experience all the more food-gasmic!


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1. Sev


Making your favorite Chaat at home, you have to try making the “Bambai” version of it next time. Get some sev and sprinkle it over your final Papdi Chaat and there you go with making the Sev Puri! Wow!







2. Onions and Tomatoes


Onions are a rather common choice while preparing Papdi Chaat at home or eating it outside. Also, add tomatoes and enhance the taste of your food with the tangy and juicy veggies.







3. Moong sprouts


Want to add something light, little crunchy, little soggy and healthy to your Papdi Chaat? Put some sprouted moong beans on the Papdis along with the boiled potatoes and savor this new taste.







4. Chaat Masala


Lover of spices like to put Chaat Masala on everything, be it Fruit Chaat, Pani Puri Water, Cutlets, and why not when it works so well! Season your dish with Chaat Masala or Black Salt and enjoy the tanginess.







5. Mint Coriander Chutney


We all love the green chutney, don’t we? You can improvise and update your green chutney with mint and relish the slightly different and surely delightful mint coriander chutney special Papdi Chaat.








6. Peanuts


Peanuts work greatly with various kinds of Chaat like Bhel Puri, Dahi Bhalle and many more! You can add the crunchy and tasty peanuts in halves or solids, whatever you prefer and nom nom!







7. Beetroot


If you are in the mood to experiment with the veggies to put in Papdi Chaat, beetroot works wonderfully with the whole package, maybe surprisingly. Cut it into slices and put on the Papdis, enjoy the yum-ness!








8. Lemon juice


After topping the Papdis with all the ingredients, veggies, chutneys, curd, seasoning and innovations, add lemon juice along with coriander to add a little chef-y hint and enhanced Papdi Chaat is what you get!








9. Mexican Papdi Chaat


Mexican Papdi Chaat, ever wondered the idea? Enjoy the taste like that of Nachos and Tacos, just with a little preparation and a little excitement. Spread salsa sauce on the Papdis, put the veggies and beans, grate cheese over it and roast the dish in the microwave. Relish the Mexican version of Papdi Chaat and flaunt the idea!





Hope this helps you to celebrate Papdi Chaat all the more and bliss yourselves with the beautiful tastes. Do let us know what you tried and how it turned out or if you have more ideas. Cheers!


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