Meet Anjali Lama- The First Transgender Model who is Ruling the Glamour World


With modernization, the film industry and fashion industry has undergone a huge change. A revolution has been seen in these industries.  Displaying of the bold topic and shunning out the old topics it has brought up a huge change. It may include the display of drug addiction in movie Udta Punjab and much more. A certain level of boldness can be seen in the film industry these days. With increasing popularity of film industry, the fashion industry also came into the race. The fashion clearly showed the plus- size, pregnant women walking as the showstopper.



1. The fashion industry took another turn with the entrance of Anjali Lama from Nepal who became the first transgender model. She also bags the opportunity to walk at an international fashion week early this year. She also has been chosen to walk the ramp for Lakme Fashion Week in 2017.






2. Anjali Lama was born as a boy named Nabin Wali in Nuwakot, Lama decided to undergo a sex change operation and became women and after pursuing her higher studies in 2010.






3. It was not an easy to undergo such a process. It was a difficult journey to lead. Her struggle has been shown by the name of a documentary called “Anjali- Living Inside Someone Else’s Skin”.






4. She is a daughter of a farmer now a sister of four brothers. Her family did not support her decision, so she was provided help by Blue Diamond Society, an LGBT rights organization. Then she finally understood her identity as a transgender woman.






5. She decided to become a model when she received positive reactions after being featured in Voice of Women, a national magazine. She then decided to start the training of becoming a model. Her journey was not easy.  She was not getting any shows because of her transgender. Anjali also started to work for free to set her foot in the industry.






6. She was first rejected in Lakme Fashion Week. She felt helpless, but she thought of giving herself another chance she changed her walking style, her wardrobe, and her life gave her another chance in 2005.






7. Today she has signed up a talent management agency in Mumbai. Now her family is finally settling back to her. Her dream is now to become a successful model and make enough money.






8. She also feels that education about the third gender should be taught in the schools. The government should also focus on the topic of transgender, and the rights of transgender should also be protected.






9. Anjali has told a lot about her journey in the hope that it will give courage to many people especially to those who want to undergo transgender.






10. She realized that in the society males are given more preference than the female so turning into a girl she wants to knock some sense in the orthodox mind of the people.  She chose fashion industry for the fame as fame changes the perception of people and gives your voice reorganization.





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