Super Luxury Cars And Their Features Will Leave You Stunned

It is a dream of every man to own a super luxury car. But the prices of those luxury cars are beyond the reach of any common man. Generally, most people wonder why luxury cars are priced so high. It is not just the overall look, there are various advanced features that those super luxury cars have to offer to justify the price. Today, we are going to unveil the features of the luxury cars that have futuristic approaches.

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1. Cadillac CT6 –

The model came out in 2017 and it is labeled Super Cruise. It is compared to Test’s autopilot system as it has cameras, sensors, mapping data, and LIDAR so that the drivers can keep their hands free while driving. There is no need to control the steering wheel.

2. Porche 718 –

If you want a nitro-booster in your car just like you see in Fast and Furious movies, then you got to get this car. You can get 20 seconds of lightning time travel with a button available on the steering wheel.

3. Mercedes SL –

This car has the option of controlling the amount of light passing through the glass panel. Therefore, you can get the interior as dark and as bright as possible depending on your choice.

4. Spirit of Ecstasy – Rolls Royce –

This is probably the most wanted feature in a luxury car. The car has anti-theft technology which is required to keep the thieves away. There is a retractable surface under the ornament and if anyone tries to put pressure on it, it gets sucked in quickly and so will be the fingers of the thieves.

5. Mercedes Benz –

In the latest models of Mercedes Benz, there is Active Lane Keeping Assist feature. This prevents accidents by warning the driver and even pull the car back when the warning is ignored. In fact, some of them also detect irregularities like speed bumps and potholes and activate special suspension to deal with the situation.

6. BMW M760i –

Parking is a major problem for amateur drivers and BMW has understood and addressed the problem. They can remotely park the car into tight corner effortlessly.

7. Rolls Royce –

Most of the latest cars from Rolls Royce have the option of self-closing doors. There are many such cars available with soft closing door option but it is of another level.

Cadillac XTS comes with seat massagers which are simply comfortable. Volkswagen Phaeton has seat coolers which will make you feel like you are in a swimming pool.

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