Lost 200 Hair Today? Know these 9 Reasons for Hair falling Out!


It's plainly frustrating how we lose so many hairs, every day, every time we comb the hair! More than frustration, it breaks our hearts to see the hair fall apart when we take so much care of them. The sad news is that we don't even know why it is happening and when we don't know the reason, we don't look for cures either and that only leads to hair fall, more and more. Hair falling out?? Don't let this happen! Find out 9 Hair Problems that you may be being a victim of and stop them!


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1. Hair Styling


Being a hair styling dilettante could be fun as well as sexy but caution, you are gonna lose hair! Too much hairstyling, tight ponytails, partition and wrong sized combs can severely damage your hair, and you wouldn't even know why it is happening!







2. Good Gadgets?


We all love using hair gadgets like straighteners, curlers, etc. We all love coloring our hair. We all love to use hair sprays and gels for the perfect look. But wait, we are all going wrong about our hair as the damage caused by all these is far greater than looking good for one party.







3. Lose Weight, Not Hair


Losing weight rapidly is a dream come true, but the amount of hair that you are going to lose following the strict and sudden diets can be extremely dangerous as well. If you lose weight suddenly, you are gonna lose hair suddenly too. You decide.







4. Take Iron the Nutrition, not Iron the Curler


The absence of adequate iron in your body leads to low hemoglobin and consequently, you don't get enough oxygen in your organs, let alone hair follicles. If you don't want to lose any more hair, give a care to the iron you are intaking in the food, not the gadget.







5. Heavy Blood Loss


Heavy blood loss, during your menstruation cycle or during an unfortunate accident, can lead to a significant decrease in your hair. Lack of hemoglobin and subsequent lack of oxygen leads to weak hair follicles and hair fall after that becomes inevitable.







6. Side Effect Victim


Your hair is a common victim of the side effects produced by heavy medications. Chemotherapy leads to massive hair fall as well as other hormonal pills. If you are a user of birth control pills, do not stop taking them out of the blue as that can show the effects on your hair.







7. Hormonal Imbalance


Hormonal changes like menopause have a direct bad effect on hair as in this condition, estrogen hormone level becomes very low. Similarly, medical conditions like thyroid imbalance can lead to a similar result as it disturbs the functions of secretion of hormones.







8. After Pregnancy


During pregnancy, lots and lots of estrogen hormone are secreted, leading to rapid hair growth. But, as the baby is delivered and the body returns to normal hormone levels, women experience quick hair fall as well. Not to worry, it will get back to usual soon!







9. Lack of Proteins


Proteins, as important as they are for the whole body, are essential for hair too, as hair is made up of keratin protein. Lack of needed proteins adversely affect the hair, making the strands weak and the hair brittle. Result? Regular and heavy hair fall.





Hope this gave you an insight into why you are losing so much hair. A little change in the lifestyle can make everything alright. Let us know your thoughts on the same by commenting below. Cheers!



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