LOL..! 7 Crazy & Embarrassing incidents that will kill you with laughter

There are certain times in sports when inexplicably stupid things happen. It just can't be explained. So sit back and watch the hilarity unfold! laugh



1. Jorge José Emiliano dos Santos – the Dancing football referee!


This dancing ref. also called Margarida (meaning: Daisy in Portuguese) was a Brazilian referee known for his animated and sometimes ballet-like symbolisms. Born on 19th March 1954, in  Rio De Janiero, he was one referee that would make watching our favorite footballers commit blunders a fun-to-watch thing! We lost this lively referee to "AIDS-related complications" on 23rd January 1995, I wonder why! cheeky





2.  When Andrew Symonds tackled a streaker!


During the India vs. Australia ODI in 2008, a naked man started running across the field, then moved closer to Andrew Symonds – BAD MOVE! BAM! Symonds tackled the streaker and although he didn't get the full wrath of Symonds's muscular shoulder, it was enough to floor the poor man out to get some attention!





3. Mike Tyson bites off part of Evander Holyfield's ear


During 1997 WBA Heavyweight Championship, the "Bad Boy of Boxing" Mike Tyson took a bite of opponent Evander Holyfield's ear. This resulted in Tyson losing the match and the stripping of his boxing license, although it was reinstated later on. The reason for this bizarre act still remains a mystery. I think Mike was just hungry! 





4. Russel Packer pees his pants umm.. shorts in the middle of a rugby match!


Russell Packer of the Brisbane Broncos of the National Rugby League (NRL) was caught peeing in the middle of the game between the Broncos and Manly in 1988. He was later fined $1000 for the misconduct.





5. Usain Bolt runs into a flower girl at the end of his 100m dash 


During the 2012 Olympic 100m sprint, Bolt, at the end of the run crashed into a flower girl who was waiting to give him the congratulatory flowers. As Bolt takes some distance to slow down, he marginally aided the first girl who was in his way but crashed into the next one, but DIDN't let her hit the ground. Bravo.





6. Baseball player Carlos Gomez tries to break the bat THRICE and FAILS


During a match between Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals in 2014 and Brewers' Carlos Gomez tried to break his bat over his knee in frustration as he got out, but for the love of God, he wasn't able to do it!





7. Boxer can't get into or out of the ring


This Boxer struggles to get into the ring, wins the match and then again tries to get out, wait a minute, he can't get out. That's the hilarious thing I have seen. 



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