List of 23 Photos Where Cameraman Captured More Than Expected

Not everything in life happens the way we want it. In today's digital world, we like to capture every moment on our camera so that such moments can last forever. But clicking a perfect photo requires some luck factor as unexpected happenings while clicking the photo can make it a nightmare or sometimes, hilarious.

Here is a compilation of photos where cameraman captured more than expected and made them unique in a certain way.



1. Mini Skirt Sucks



The dog has the eye for the jackpot. That is exactly why you should never put on such dresses in front of pets unless you have a boyfriend to pleasure you.


2. Dogs Are Ruiners



It looks like dogs always get into the frame where the perfect click is about to be made. Bang on the head!


3. The Giant Bird And A Lili Foot



If you want to belittle a person, don't do it verbally, click a photo from the right angle to ruin his life. 


4. The Abnormal Baby



Just like pets, babies are expert at ruining the great photo you want to take. They can make it so scary that it would require a genius to decode it.


5. Politician Becomes Model Overnight



Not sure that is what the politician wanted to show off but nevertheless, it made her an internet sensation because men are just obsessed with curves. 


6. The Cross-Breed Fish



That is what the photo becomes when you give the camera to someone who has a shaky hand and no experience of using a waterproof DSLR.


7. Sunburn Wasted



Another case where dogs can not only ruin your photo but make your face sour. Afterall, everyone feels thirsty while lying under the sun for long. 


8. Here Comes The Tsunami



The beauties without brains failed to realize that a car was coming from behind to make them look like clowns. 


9. First Rule Of Riding A Helicopter



Girls should never wear an open-ended dress unless they want to show off your perfect figure underneath!


10. This Is How Your Enjoy Your Vacation


No wonders if his wife divorces him after seeing this photo. The heavenly pleasure made the vacation worth every penny. 


11. The Pervert Ancestors


Hence, it is proved that human beings are direct descendants of the chimpanzee and me share that same trait. They just cannot keep their hands under control. 


12. The New Posture Discovered



This could well be the posture Kamasutra failed to illustrate and looks like the girl discovered something really huge!


13. Stunning Photo Turned Hilarious



The girl wanted to show her swag with this perfect photo, but she never knew it would make her a subject of trolling.


14. Is That A Crime Scene?



It was supposed to be a serious portray of the crime scene, but this hot girl ruined it completely. 


15. Creepy Ghost Spotted



No wonders why the cameraman could not concentrate on the beautiful ladies when there was something far more interesting thing happening in the background.


16. Say Cheese



Looks like the camel new the meaning of the word "Cheese" and it showed off its gigantic smile to make the photo worth getting an award.


17. Men WIll Be Men



Men never miss the opportunity to touch the sensitive parts of a woman, and the two on the left side are taking full advantage of the situation.


18. The Tackling Trick



Never try to piss a striker to such a limit that he takes the shit out of your body in front of the whole crowd. 


19. The Uncut Photoshoot 



The model hired a photographer to shoot her photos in a bikini on a wonderful beach, but the photographer never knew she would get so excited with her own secret stuff. What has gone in there?


20. The Dirty Challenge



That moment of greedy when you want more, but you have not finished what you already have. Whacky!


21. Watch Your Back



Before you scratch, turn around and make sure no one is watching because in today's world, someone is always watching and filming you.

22. The Look Of Amazement


That is how you spoil a boy and then call men as perverts. The boy would be able to sleep for a few night after this treatment to his eyes. 


23. The Controversial President



Donald Trump is known to be a favorite of every woman, but his relationship with his daughter came under scanner after his eye-popping touches in public. Priceless facial expression from Ivanka Trump!


Next time you take a photo, make sure there are no external factors that can make your perfect click into something disastrous.




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