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List Of 20 Embarrassing Cheerleader Wardrobe Malfunction Photos!

There is always a huge rush to buy the seats near the cheerleader stand so that people can have double entertainment. Cheerleading has been existing for a century now, and there are nearly 4 million cheerleaders in the world who are mostly from the U.S.

The best things about cheerleaders are their perfect athletic figure, sensual moves, and revealing dresses. But there have been many occasions where the cheerleaders had to face embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions in public while performing. Cheerleader wardrobe malfunctions could seem to be funny and awkward, but for cheerleaders, it is an unforgettable nightmare.

Check Out Cheerleader Wardrobe Malfunctions

1. Something Very Common

There are some pervert people who hope that cheerleader suffer a wardrobe so that they can get their money worth as if they have in a strip club. This embarrassing photo of the NFL cheerleader went viral and most probably ruin her life and career.

2. The Extreme Stretching

Apart from the fact that cheerleaders wear revealing dresses, the dresses are also very thin and elastic, and hence, it is another common problem they have to deal with while going for extreme stretching.

3. The Sweaty Dresses

Cheerleading is all about extreme physical exercise, and hence, the dresses get all sweaty. Over that, if the cheerleaders wear white dresses, sweat makes it translucent, and the above happens.

4. Cleavage Exposure

This is one of the most minutely watched things from the male fans, and that is exactly why their eyes are glued to the cheerleaders than the actual game.

5. The Upskirt Problem

There is no denying the fact that cheerleaders wear mini skirts to show off their perfect rear end to the fans sitting behind them. But sometimes, they just expose too much to hypnotize male fans.

6. The Common Move

This is the most common move by the cheerleaders use to show off their gymnastic background. But such an extreme stretch removes the bottom garment from its appropriate place exposing the secret organ.

7. There Goes The Phone

Cheerleaders dance only during the break and when there are special moments in the game. But the rest of the time, they sit on the sideway and sometimes, they use their phone to text and what not. That is exactly where they keep the phone when they fear it might just get stolen.

8. Curves On Display

Cheerleaders had to work out hard to get a perfect figure with curves in the rear so that they can appease the crowd and get in the big leagues with a better salary.

9. Sliding And Slipping

This is also a common thing that cheerleaders have to face every day, and it is more prominent when someone plays that video in slow motion. That is why some men are always busy filming the movements of the cheerleaders so that they can enjoy the video in slow motion.

10. The Show Must Go On

Cheerleading always takes place in a group, and every member is important. Hence, all the members have to be present all the time to perform their role else no one will get paid. This leads to forcefully continuing the performance, and the wardrobes reveal it all.

11.  Camel Toe On Display

If you do not know what camel toe is you need to Google it and the above is a perfect photo example.

12. The Bulge

When you have too muscles in awkward places on your body, wearing skin-tight dresses can put you to shame.

13. Least Movement Scenario

Cheerleaders have to be really careful with their postures especially when pervert men are clicking their photos all the time, and they will never miss any body part expose.

14. The Unbuttoning

That is why cheerleaders are recommended to wear dresses that have no button because they will tear up anyway.

15. Size Matters

Looks like she put on someone else’s under garment and hence, the difference between sunburn skin and unexposed skin can be clearly differentiated.

16. Really, What Is That?

Take your guess because it is not photoshopped.

17. The Disgusting Costume

The designer of this costume clearly wanted to embarrass these girls.

18. Boys Will Be Boys

That moment when you dream comes true, and an angel enters your room to fulfill your sexual desires.

19. Feeling The Vibration

At the end of the hectic performance, they too need some pleasure of mind. When you do not have the toy to play with, you can be creative and put your phone in vibration and enjoy the feeling.

20. The School Girls

Cheerleading starts from school in the U.S. and sometimes, young girls forget to wear the undergarment. No wonders they have to face the consequences when they are standing tall above all.

What do you think – should they cover up more so that the chances of cheerleader wardrobe malfunction minimizes and people stop clicking photos of their exposed parts and post them online?

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