List of 15 Alcoholic Drinking Games To Have Ultimate Fun


Around 2 billion people around the world consume alcoholic drinks. One can drink out of habit, to forget sad memories, to dissolve stress, for social relations and some for having fun.

Alcoholic drinks can harm your body when you drink it beyond the limit, but that does not stop people from having the ultimate joyride of their life especially when they are in a group. Here are 15 drinking games designed for the groups to drink and have fun like never before.



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1. Beer Pong



Two teams will be standing on the opposite side of a table and have glasses of beer filled in on both sides. Both the team have to throw pink pong balls and the ones that will be landing in the glass on the opposite side, the opposite team will have to drink it. The team who can make the opposite team drink all the glasses first will win. 


2. Modified Dice Game



Every member of the group will have a dice, and everyone will throw simultaneously. The one who will score the lowest will have to drink a shot of raw alcohol at once. One can quit or puke and get eliminated until there is a sole winner.


3. Relay Drinking



There will be two groups, and every member will be standing next to each other. There will be an equal number of bottles of alcohol, and the drinking will start at the same time. Every member has to drink consecutively like in a relay using one glass only. The team which finishes all the bottles first wins. 

4. Modified Never Have I Ever



Never Have I Ever is an awesome group game, and the persons who have done what is being said in the never have I ever confession will have to drink a shot. To win this game you need to have a good list of never have I ever questions and the game is yours.


5. Keep Straight Face



In this game, a group will sit together, and someone will read jokes or start a funny video. Every moment a person laughs, he has to drink a glass of beer or other alcoholic drink. As the game progress and intoxication sets in, you know that some persons will not be able to stop their laughter.


6. Flip Cup And Slap


This is a very popular form of drinking game. In a group, one boy and a girl are chosen in random and small cups of drinks are kept on the opposite side of the table. They will have to drink them and flip them so that the cups sit on the table upside down. If the girl wins, she gets to slap the guy on the face, and if the guy wins, he gets to slap the girl on her butt. 


7. Most Likely Person



A group of people sits in a circle, and a random question is asked like "Who walks like a model?" and everyone will point to someone as per their thinking. The person to whom majority is pointing, he/she gets to drink every time. 


8. Repeated Drinking



Play a song that has a word repeated many times. Every time the word comes, everyone has to drink. If someone misses out, he has to keep drinking throughout the game. 


9. Drink While You Think



This is a very easy game where a person starts with the name of a celebrity and the person to his/her left will have to name another celebrity whose name starts with the ending letter of the previous celebrity. While you are thinking, you have to drink. 


10. Dirty Pot



Everyone will pour some of their drink from their glasses in a pot then everyone will start flipping a coin. The person who predicts the coin side wrong will have to drink from the pot. 


11. Secret Questions



The person to your left will whisper a secret question to you, and you will have to answer it loudly, but the answer has to be the name of a person in the group. If someone wants to know what the question was, he/she has to drink a bottle of beer at once. 


12. Tongue Twister



Pick some tongue twisters and start saying it one by one in a group. Everyone who cannot say it in one go as to drink. 


13. Story Telling



Two group will sit across a table. The person sitting right across you will give you two words, and you have to come up with a creative story with them. If your story gets a thumbs up from the opposite them, you are safe else everyone in your group has to drink. 


14. Acting It Out



The sitting arrangement is same as the above, but here the person sitting across you will act out a movie name. If you cannot guess both of you will have to drink. 


15. Sip or Strip



You have to flip a coin and predict its outcome. If you cannot, you can either sip or strip. But you cannot do one consequence twice in a row.


If you have played such crazy drinking games, do mention them with the rules and description in the comment section. 



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