12 Life Threatening Common Jobs People Don’t Realize Until Late!

Are you complaining about the job you are in just because it is not like your dream job? There are people around the world who risk their lives in their job to earn money. Every year, workers face severe accidents worldwide, and hundreds and thousands of them lose their lives.

Well, we are not referring to the weirdly dangerous jobs, we are talking about the regular and common jobs that seem to be pretty boring and repetitive, but in the background, they are highly risky and life-threatening. Here are 12 such most dangerous jobs around the world to make you realize the risk involved.



1. Deep-Sea Fishermen



Deep-Sea fishers also risk their lives in the quest of catching fish and other sea animals. Venturing out into the rough sea is a hard job. Almost every year, thousands of fishers get lost while catching fish mainly due to harsh weather and some are even eaten alive by the mighty monsters living in the sea.


2. Nuclear Worker



The terrifying fear is dying a painful death due to radiation, and this is what nuclear workers face the most. In 2011, a large number of workers killed at the time due to nuclear meltdown in Japan.


3. Oil Rigger



If you know about deep-water Horizon, then you will know how dangerous this job is. One mistake and you will find yourself inside a loaf of fire which will definitely burn you to death.


4. Electrical Worker



People die just by getting electrocuting with 230V in their house, imagine people working on lines carrying 10,000V or more. These workers not only have to be careful not to touch wrong wires but at the same time make sure they do not fall off.


5. Astronaut



It is said that Astronauts have 7% chance of dying while going to outer space. This is not just dying outside but any failure in your spaceship, even traveling can kill you instantly if you face a fatal disease.


6. Miner



Mining as a job is hazardous. Any miners work 12 hours in a small, narrow hole. There are harmful gases that can kill anyone instantly. If you are unlucky, the mines sometimes collapse that can trap and even kill a person in seconds.


7. Firefighter



Being a fireman or firefighter is considered as a very dangerous job. Playing with fire is not an easy job, and these people do it almost every day. Most firefighters suffer from inhaling harmful smoke while fighting the fire and suffer many lungs relating diseases.


8.  Construction Worker



The rate of injury and death is quite high in construction works. A survey stated that one in every five workers died, was either a construction worker or civil engineer. The leading cause of death includes fall, electrocutes, struck by an object or caught between objects and machines.


9.  Stuntmen



Being stuntmen is not an easy task, and you will have to risk your life every time you perform a stunt. Although you can earn a good sum of money by doing stunts, you have to put your life on the line.


10.  Truck Driver



This might seem like a reasonably safe job, but indeed it accounts for a fatal work. As long-distance drive in some harsh condition sometimes leads to death. Driving through icy roads or small cut out roads in the mountains is one of the most dangerous things to drive on in one's driving career.


11. Pilots and Flight Engineers



Being a pilot is a childhood dream of many but let me tell you that along with the reputation comes to a great risk of life. As per reports, the chance of fatality increases at the time of landing and take-off. Private flight operators are also more vulnerable to accidents as these flights are not that well maintained.


12.  Soldiers




Last but the most dangerous job is that of soldiers. They have a very high chance of getting killed by terrorists. They always risk their lives to protect others without failure.


If we have missed out any such common dangerous jobs, do mention them in the comment section. 



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