13 Latest Makeup Trends That Will Make You Hate a Girl

Makeup is an important part of a girl’s dressing, and there’s no doubt that every girl wants to look very different and original with every modern makeup trend. Nowadays makeup styles are being initiated every day by stylists and beauty bloggers just to have more attention and make more sales. Some of these trends are hilarious, some amazing and wonderful while some are simply weird and outrageous.

Most often than not, these new makeup trends are first shown off on the runways and gradually, they step into the city centers and become an everyday fashion for ladies. As an observer, you will accept that some makeup looks so disgusting that it becomes easy to hate the one wearing it. Here are 13 of those makeup trends that will pull sure negative effect on you.



1. Feather Brow



This trend has been widely circulated on the internet of late, mostly on the Instagram. Feather brow is done with glitters and drawn in peacock feather style with intricate patterns. Most girls with thick eyebrow settle on this and it makes them look horrible.


2. Glitter Tears



It is exactly as it sounds. It’s a trend in which glitters of different colors are used to form tears rolling down the cheek with traces on the face. This makeup is really an awe of a sight to behold.


3. Glitter Tongue



Look really out of this world, a big turn off and irritating.


4. Ear Makeup



This is certainly out of the way. An idea of decorating the entire ear from the lobe to the ear contour with varieties of colors is way more than an imaginable makeup trend. It is fancied by beauty bloggers and stylists though.


5. Reverse Eyeliner



Weird right? Even with the fact that it causes cognitive dissonance, the stylist has not seized to apply the flick on the inside of the eye.


6. Wet Eyelid



With an eye gloss, a transparent primer and other material, most girls have taken to the trend of wetting the eyelid as a makeup option. Although it does last long but trust me, it’s irritating.


7. Braided Brows



Of all makeup trends, braiding eyebrows is simply bizarre. Though the eyebrows look funny in small neat braids, yet it is actually an overstretched trend.


8. Hairy Nails



This is almost unimaginable. The act of drawing a face on the nail with hairs on is a trend taken up by desperate ladies seeking attention by any means. Some women are also obsessed for weiredst nail arts to grab the attention. 


9. LED Eyelashes



Having a false eyelash is settling as a normal trend for girls. But having an LED strips attached to the eyelashes is really above the normal. This trend has 3 modes of operation; the clinking, sparkling or shimmering.


10. Barbed Wire and Dragon Brows



Really one of the makeup trends you least expected to see is that of the eyebrows looking like a barbed wire or dragon. However, the trend has gotten as much popularity as the Game of Thrones movie.


11. Squiggly Eyebrows



In this case, the eyebrow has a 2 symmetrical waves drawing. It looks more like an artistic piece of work.


12. Glitter Booty



A trend that involves the gluing of glitter and styling gel to your buttocks is now trending but far from appealing and even convenience. It’s totally out of sorts for a girl to go by this.


13. Pom-pom Makeup And Nail Design



Making use of Pom Pom for makeup is far from anything acceptable. It’s totally outrageous and disgusting for an everyday look.


If you have come across such bizarre makeup trend, describe them in the comment section. 



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