Know How To Do Manicure At Home With These 7 Simple Steps


Our body is a temple. Every part of it requires your attention and care. But most of the times, we are stuck taking care of our hair and face. Just like hair and face, our hands require utmost care because they remain exposed all the time. A proper manicure can rejuvenate the skin of your hand and bring back the lost glory. Doing manicure at professional salon sounds an expensive deal and why should you when you can do it yourself. Here are the simple steps on how to do a manicure at home. 



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Know The Simple Steps to do Manicure at Home



1. Get All The Items From The Market




You will need, a nail polish remover, cotton pad, nail clipper, a nail file, nail buffer, nail polish, cuticle pusher and cuticle remover, moisturizer, warm water in a large bowl, face wash and a scrub.





2 Pay Attention To Your Nails




You the nail polish remover to remove the old nail paint. Then take the nail clipper and clip the nail as you desire. It is better to soak your nail first before clipping to prevent any uneven breakage. Then file your nail proper in desired shapes. Use a nail buffer to have a fine polish of the edges and tops of the nails. 





3. Soak Your Hands In Warm Water




It is time to soak your hand in warm water in a large bowl. Add face wash in it which will act as a cleanser. Make sure the face wash has moisturizing effect in it. Soak your hands for five minutes.





4. It Is Time For Scrubbing




Apply the scrub on your hand which could be a face scrub as well. Use a scrubber to scrub it properly. It will remove all the dead cells. Finally, wash with clean water at normal temperature. 





5. Clean Your Cuticles Gently




The cuticle is the soft skin below your nail. Add cuticle remover and leave it for a few seconds. Use the cuticle pusher to push your cuticles gently with care. Do not lift it or pull it. It actually protects from the bacterial attack on the nail bed. Gently pushing it will clean it comfortably.





6. Moisturize Your Hands And Turn Them Soft




Use the moisturizer and apply it on your hand evenly. Massage it well for a few seconds. Make sure it reaches every cuticle. You can also use olive oil. Let your skin absorb it. 





7. Give Your Nails An Eye-Catching Color




Before you can do that, remove the moisturizer from the nails with a cotton pad. If the moisturizer has dried, you can soak the cotton pad in nail polish remover and then apply to nail to remove it.

Use the nail color that goes well with your personality. Start with the base coat and smoothly move to the tip. Remove overspread nail polish with a cotton pad. If you want to have a second coat, do so after ten minutes. 



Try this out on a weekly basis especially on weekends when you have time. The entire process won't take more than half an hour if you have all the items at your home. Revive your hands and flaunt it proudly.



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