Know How To Do Hair Spa At Home In These 8 Simple Steps


Just like our skin, our hair requires our utmost care. Hair spa is a perfect treatment for hair to get them healthy and dense. But doing hair spa at Spa centers could be expensive, and you could do them only once in a while. But if you know how to do hair spa at home, you can do it regularly and be proud of your hair. Here is the step by step guide on how to do hair spa at home. 



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Find out How to do Hair Spa at Home?



1. Choose The Right Oil For Massage




The first step of hair spa is massaging oil on your hair. Olive oil or pure coconut oil is a good choice. If you have normal hair, you can use any of your regular hair oil that your hair is used to. If you have dry hair, you should use a perfect combination of oils such as coconut/almond/olive oil and castor oil or amla oil.




2. Massaging Your Oil Properly



Take a small bowl and put your hair oil in it. Heat gently and use your bare hand to take drops of the oil and put them directly in the hair oil. It must reach the scalp, however, dense your hair is. Cover the entire scalp and massage it either in a circular direction or in the director you comb your hair for 10 minutes at least. It will increase blood circulation, and the oil will cover all your hair. 




3. Hair Steaming With Hair Steamer



It is advisable that you buy a hair steamer because you will need it until you go bald. Most of the people do not buy it thinking that it will damage their hair and there is no truth in such belief. You can steam from root to tip effectively.




4. Traditional Hair Streaming




If you want to go it the traditional way, boil water in a bowl. Take a towel and dip it in and squeeze out all the water. Then wrap it around your head. Once the hotness goes down, repeat the process. Do it for 15 minutes. 




5. Hair Cleaning With Right Shampoo




Once you are done with massaging and steaming, you need to wash your hair. Since the entire process of hair spa is time-consuming, people prefer to do it at night and wash their hair in the morning.If you are washing your hair immediately after steaming, use lukewarm water. Cold water will give rise to dandruff problem due to a sudden change in temperature.

To maintain healthy hair, you should always use the one kind type of shampoo for your hair. Go for herbal ones or use any natural way to cleanse your hair.




6. Hair Conditioning For Betterment




After you hair has gone through all the above process, it is time to provide your hair ingredients to settle down. You can prepare homemade natural hair conditioner, or you can buy products from the market. Hair conditioner is not for scalp but hair. So, spread evenly on your hair only. After half an hour, rinse it off with lukewarm water.




7. Cover With A Hair Mask




Create a hair mask at your home though products are also available. In a bowl, add two eggs, honey, and olive oil. Add a ripe banana and blend well. Cover it on your hair and leave for half an hour.




8. Wash Your Hair Gently With A Mild Shampoo




Finally, it is time to clean your hair with normal water. Use a mild shampoo, something that suits your hair. Dry off your hair and comb it gently with a wooden comb. You just gave a rebirth to your hair.



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