Key Features Of The Brand New Rs 10 Note Launched By RBI

The RBI has released brand new Indian currency notes of the denomination of Rs. 10. If you have loads of old notes, there is nothing to be worried about as they will be valid and they will slowly and steadily go out of the system.

There are various new features available on this brand new Rs. 10 currency notes that are noteworthy. This change of currencies is a continuous process going on since the demonetization move in India. The new note will have the signature of the new RBI Governor Dr.Urjit Patel. Here are the unique features to watch out for.



The Color and The Dimensions


The RBI is using different colors for different denominations of currencies. The brand new Rs.10 note will come in chocolate brown.

The dimensions will be 63mm x 123 mm which will be slightly small than the old ones whose dimensions are 63mm x 137mm.


The Front Or Observe Side 


There is a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi at the center. Microletters are used to inscribe the words 'RBI', 'Bharat', 'India' and '10'. 

Apart from that, you can find the guarantee clause, promise clause, new Governor's signature, and of course, the RBI emblem on the right side. There will also find the Ashoka Pillar on the same side. 

The unique feature is that it will bear a demetalised security thread and the thread will have two inscriptions ' Bharat' and 'RBI'. There are 10 electrotype watermarks in the blank space as usual. 

From the top left side to the bottom right side, you will find a number panel where the numerals are growing from small to big. 

The Rear or Reverse Side 


The first thing you will notice on the rear side is the presence of the motif of the famous Sun Temple located in Konark. It is depicting India's cultural heritage.

RBI has maintained the usual norm of writing numeral '10' in Devanagari language. There is a complete language panel as usual.

A new inclusion is the new Swachh Bharat logo with its slogan. Furthermore, you can find the year of printing of the currency towards to left side. 


The Designs 


Apart from of all the above, there are beautiful geometric patterns meshed up and aligned well with the base color so that it becomes difficult to replicate it easily. These beautiful patterns are available very lightly on both the sides. 

It is has been perfectly designed to have a see-through register of denominational numeral 10 on the front side to identify the note as genuine. 


Even though the old notes are not discontinued, you should deposit them in the bank once the new notes hit the market.



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