Keep Yourself Updated with This 25 Teen Texting Vocabulary


Recently there is a sudden surge of slang term invention and these used by teens and other youngsters extensively today. We don't know if that is due to the smartphone wave that hit our generation, but we have a ton of slang and abbreviations that get used every day, and some of them, which we don't even know meanings of. If you are one of those people who doesn't use the "texting" language much, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. We have made this post to resolve such social embarrassment and to get us all up to speed! Check out these slangs (and maybe put them to use?)



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1. Bromance


It's a very close, but totally not sexual relationship between two men!


Yeah, we've all had one of these or many of these, to be frank!






2. Chillax


It's an amalgam of the words "chill" and "relax" leading up to chillax, meaning to calm down.


"Bro, chillax it's just the first game of the season" sounds familiar?






3.  Illiterati


Someone or people who aren't well educated or well-informed about a subject or some sort of an activity.


Just a high-sounding word for a noob or a group of people who are totally ignorant of some subject. Sounds awfully close to Illuminati!






4. Noob

A person who is inexperienced especially in the ways of the internet and computers. Also called a newb/newbie.


 Honestly, if you didn't know this, you're going be called a noob!






5. Twitterati


Those who use Twitter and post a lot of tweets frequently, also have a large following on the site. 


 Tweet, tweet, tweet till your fingers fall off!






6. Totes


Another way of saying "totally".


Ex: Totes? Really? 






7. Whatevs


Another way of saying "whatever".


Does this really sound cool?






8. FML


It means "F*uck My Life" which is generally used in telling screwed up life stories. 


 This one used to mean Family and Medical Leave. Thanks to texting language! 






9. Neckbeard


Generally used to denote the growth of a man's beard only on his neck, but also meaning an unattractive person who is socially inept. 


Ex: You'd think I'm some sort of a balding, overweight, neckbeard!






10. Sideboob


The exposed side part of a woman's breast, that is due to a revealing outfit. 


 Tip for women: Guys love sideboobs these days.






11. Binge-watch


The act of watching multiple episodes of a TV show in quick succession, without breaks, by means of streaming sites and DVDs.


Right after binge-watching your new favorite Tv show, "I don't know what to do with my life".






12. SMH


Stands for Shaking My Head, where mere words cannot express the stupidity that has engulfed the other person!


 I somehow find myself using this a lot.






13. Vape


It is the usage (inhale & exhale) of an electronic cigarette or something similar.


Ex: Yes, we get it, you vape!






14. YOLO


Stands for You Only Live Once. Meaning that you only live once and you should enjoy life and the risks it entails!


 YOLO. Period.






15. Amazeballs


Another way of saying that something is amazing.


 Add balls to amazing to make it more amazing!








Rolling On The Floor Laughing / Laughing My Fucking Ass Off / Laughing out Loud, all of them used to indicate that someone was extremely funny and you're bursting out with laughter.


 What a time to be alive.






17. Basic


Someone who does what everyone else does, primarily to grab attention.


Ex: Say, Laurie? Nah, bro, she's just basic!






18. Bae


A shortened form of the word "babe".


 Because "babe" wasn't short enough!






19. TBH


Short for To Be Honest


 TBH, it isn't all that difficult to type, to be honest. Wow, it actually is!






20. Slay


To succeed in doing something amazing.


Ex: Adele just slayed it, at the Grammy's of course!






21. Ship


To endorse a romantic relationship between two people.


We do not know where these things get their meanings!






22. AF


Short for "As F*ck". Used as a measure for comparison.


Ex: He was fat AF!






23. Feels


The wave of emotion that you sometimes feel from something nostalgic or sad.


Ex: Them feels, after rewatching Titanic!






24. Zero chill


Another way of saying that something that someone did was "not cool".


 Ex: Wanna add Max to the frat bro? Nah, he's hot zero chill bro!




25. Lit


It means to be under the influence or being high. 

It can also mean that someone is very hot.


Ex: We got lit last night!





Let us know what you think of these new words in the comments and reaction sections below!



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