It could be USA vs. Australia after Trump ends call abruptly with Australian PM!


USA President Donald Trump has been at the center of yet another "issue'! It all happened when Trump made a 25-minute phone call to the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and an issue about refugees has said to have ensued leading to a reported exchange of harsh words, with the phone call being abruptly ended by the US president. There is a possibility of a rift being created between the US & Australia!




On Saturday the 28th, a phone call was scheduled between the US president and the Australian PM. During the conversation, the PM is said to have pressed President Trump regarding a certain refugee issue. There was an agreement between previous US administration and the Australian govt. that about 1,250 refugees would be accepted from a detention center in Australia. When Trump refused to honor the agreement, it was reported that there was a heated exchange of harsh words!


Later on, President Trump showed his anger over the immigrants' deal on the micro-blogging site Twitter where he has called the deal resettlement agreement a "dumb deal" & that the Obama administration is to be blamed for inking such a deal. He also has mentioned that he would "study" the agreement.



An official from the White House, pleading anonymity, confirming the talk over the phone said that President Trump told the PM, the refugees could be the "next bombers of Boston"! Trump also said that this deal would mean his "political murder" given that he has just signed an executive order to cease the entry of immigrants into the US from 7 nations!



PM Turnbull, later confirmed that the conversation was rather "candid" but refused to comment on whether it was shorter than what had been planned. He also said that President Trump would be honoring the agreement signed during the Obama's administration & that the refugees from the detention camp would be resettled. He further confirmed that relations between the USA & Australia still remained strong, that is if the deal comes through, but on the off chance that it doesn't, things would be different.


The refugees held on the islands of Nauru and Manus are the ones that were spoken about in the phone call. They attempted to arrive in Australia by boats, but incidentally, Australia has barred the entry of refugees entering by boats. Also, the refugees in question are from the Iraq & Iran, the countries that Trump has banned from migration to the USA for a period of 90 days. 



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