9 Incredibly Yummy Homemade Desserts For Summers


Summer is here! And so is the season of the homemade, exotic desserts that can be enjoyed every day, without Mommies having to worry about their kids catching cold (be careful not to eat it right after being exposed to sunlight though, duh). Wait, did you just get caught up on the "homemade" part? Limited desserts that can be made at home or not-that-yummy desserts that are made at home? If yes, this needs serious re-thinking and Viraltalks thus presents to you 9 incredibly yummy homemade desserts for summers to make everyone happy, every day!



1. Fruit Custard


Every kid's taste-buds' happiness maker – Fruit Custard! And what does it require: some fruits, custard powder, and milk? What are you waiting for, just make some with additions, like sugar, cinnamon, sugar syrup etc. as per taste and have a delightful evening!



2. Milk Ice-cream


Cool, healthy and yummy; plus, it is so easy to make that you are gonna make it every day! Simply mix some sugar with milk and put in the freezer to get completely frozen. You may improvise with putting some chopped/solid almonds, cashews, raisins etc. too. You're welcome!



3. Fruit Pudding


Sounds delicious? Easy to make too! Get some fruit/pineapple sponge, divide it halfway, put some sugar syrup for sweetness, spread the cream/Vanilla ice-cream, put as many and whatever fruits that you want and repeat with the second layer. Experiment with presentation and freeze it, there you go!



4. Kulfi


A dessert loved by all, from kids to grandparents – Kulfi! And you must have made it sometime at home already, I am sure! It's time to take that old recipe out, khoya, milk, sugar, rose water, nuts and other things to taste, and enjoy the nostalgic, delicious Kulfi right at home!



5. Frozen Papaya Shake


Ah ha, Papaya Shake can easily be converted into a pretty looking, mouth-watering and toothsome dessert. What to do – simply freeze it! An alternate option can be to put it in the refrigerator for a molten-shake consistency. Anyhow, get ready for some healthily amazing taste!



6. Fruit Cream


This yum-ness filled formula of fruits mixed in the cream can be a real hit for your kids and what else would you want when kids are eating healthy! Simply cut all the fruits that you have bought, add sugar/powdered sugar/sugar syrup to cream and mix them all together. Easy and delicious!



7. Chocolate Pudding


Oooh! Caught your eye, eh? Just buy chocolate sponge as the base, cut in half, add sugar syrup, apply cream or ice-cream (Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee etc.), repeat with above layer, put grated chocolate, cherries, strawberries, chocolate cookies etc. to taste. Plus, you are free to experiment! Yay!



8. Jelly Custard


Want to experiment with Custard? Jelly is the way to go! Not only is Jelly custard an amazing improvisation of the delight but also, it creates a new looking and tasting dessert altogether! Buy jelly and custard powders, make both separately, pour the custard over jelly and serve. Surprise-Surprise!



9. Fruit ice-cream


How to make easy fruit ice-cream? Very simple! First, make a shake with the fruit of which the ice-cream is desired, i.e. Mango, Strawberry, Chiku, Banana etc. Cut small pieces of the same fruit, add to the shake and put it to freeze. Experiment with multi-fruits’ shakes as well as chopped pieces. Enjoy!




How do you like the yum sounding homemade desserts for summers? Do put down your comments and let us know how the desserts turned out. Hope you enjoyed reading. Cheers!



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