How To Say Hello Word In Different Languages? The Complete Guide!


Our ears do not like to hear the same word again and again. It always loves something new about the old. There are so many always you can do that and one of the best ways is to use different languages to add variety to your spoken words. The basic thing you need to learn is to say Hello word in different languages. Here are 20 different ways you can say hello to impress the natives.



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1. French




French is the official language of France. You can also use Bonjour in Switzerland, Belgium, Morocco, and Mauritius all of which are amazing tourist spots. It is pronounced as "bohn-zhoor".




2. Spanish




The 'H' in Hola is silent and so it becomes 'Ola'. Apart from Spain, Spanish is the official language of Mexico as well. Spanish is the second most-spoken languages in the world. 





3. German





It is rather easy and very close to Hello. Some Germans also use "Guten Tag" which is pronounced as "gootan taag" for saying Hello. German is one of the popular languages of Austria and Switzerland.





4. Italian





It is pronounced as "Chow". Some use "Salve" which is pronounced as "Salvay" to say Hello. Chow is becoming popular in India too.





5. Portuguese





Portuguese is used in Portugal and Brazil. It is short and sweet and the name of Ola Cabs is inspired by it. 





6. Hindi





Apart from India where Hindi is the official language, it can be used in Nepal and Pakistan. Hindi has a few similarities with Urdu which is spoken in Pakistan. It is pronounced as "Nah-mah-stay".





7. Persian




The Persian language is used in Iran, Afghanistan, and associated places. Salaam is also a part of Hindi and Urdu to say Hello.





8. Russian




Here comes the pain but nothing can be gained without pain. It is pronounced as "Zdra-stvooy-tyeh". Unless you are confident, avoid it.





9. Japanese




Break the letters into "ko-n-ni-chi-wa" and then try to pronounce it. Alternately, you can used "Ohayo" to say hello. 









You will find it useful in Turkey, Cyprus, Iran and Georgia. Merhaba is also used in Arabic to say Hello.





11. Chinese



It is pronounced as "nee how", yes, it is easier than you imagined it. 


Start saying Hello word in different languages on your messages and calls when chatting with friends and near ones and bring a variety in your conversation. It helps to grab attention at once. 



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