4 Hotel Booking Mistakes You Didn’t Realize You Were Making

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In the search for the best experience of wanderlust, we go through endless lists of hotels and accommodations that suit our traveling plans in the best way possible. On finding the accommodations that meet our minimum requirements, we are quick to go ahead with booking the place – this is the moment you should pause at just an extra second, and ask yourself, ‘Have you got yourself the best deal?’

In a rush to book the best destination hotels to combat dynamic pricing, you may just be missing out on getting the deal of a lifetime. Without enough research, you risk booking an experience that may eventually underwhelm you and make you feel robbed of what could have been an amazing trip. Keep it easy and be sure you don’t commit the following mistakes while booking your hotel:

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1. Not checking with the hotel directly

In today’s time where everyone is online, the chances that a hotel has its own website would be very high. So before you take out your card to pay and click that button to book the room, always check what’s available on the hotel’s official website. It is very likely that you may find exclusive deals that are not present on a third-party website, offers that could make your trip even more comfortable. Some of the best hotel deals in India can be discovered on the official websites or by giving the hotel a call. Therefore, never rush to book your accommodation.

2. Booking at the wrong time

Procrastination comes in very easy for many people. As they would admit, people tend to delay their booking till it is unavoidable. These people would also agree that certain offers that had lured them to book a hotel in the first place are over by the time they come around to complete the booking. If you spot a special offer on a particular booking, always check for the validity. If you plan to defer your booking, be aware of the fact that prices may increase if the number of rooms available comes down. Also, luxury hotel chains like The LaLiT have exclusive offers for many of their rooms; you don’t want to miss out on a good deal on your preferred room just because it got booked out!

3. Not Reading the Fine Print

One of the mistakes that travelers often make while booking hotels online is that they simply ignore reading the fine print. Words like “included”, “exclusive”, “complimentary”, “Free” “additional” – they are extremely important words that can be game changers for your trip. These are sometimes added in very small text next to your booking details, so be sure you read everything before confirming your accommodation. It is just as important to read the terms and conditions because it lines up what you are entitled to get your booking.

4. Not paying heed to the reviews

The presence of social media channels, hotel aggregators, travel bloggers online has made it much easier for someone to understand what a certain hotel experience might truly be like. So be sure to look up reviews on reliable platforms before understanding whether a particular hotel of a particular room will serve the purpose you need it to. It’s very easy to spot fake reviews and separate them from genuine experiences. Another way to gauge the quality of a hotel is by checking the acclaim or the awards your preferred hotel has won. Brands like The LaLiT have since forever won many accolades for their impeccable service, and therefore can be relied on to serve you an experience that will make your trip absolutely memorable.

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