Here You Can Find Best Point and Shoot Camera under $300


One necessary equipment, in today's "picturesque" lifestyle, is a camera. Allowing us to capture each and every moment of our lives, be it good or bad, a camera has become one of the absolute essentials. While most of us just have a point and shoot camera to capture memorable moments some others would want a bit more flexibility and manual controls but would be reluctant to shell out big bucks. We understand everyone's needs and have tried to come up with the best point and shoot camera under $300 .Some are better than others So whether you're looking for a camera for low light, a camera for sports, or something a bit high tech like a wifi enabled camera or simply the best point and shoot camera under $300, you needn't search any further. We have made a list of cameras that have all the features a well-rounded point and shoot should have minus the big hole in your pocket. Check them out below!



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Pick the Best Point and Shoot Camera under $300



1. Canon SX710 HS



Price: $261

Sensor: 20.3 MP High-Sensitivity CMOS

Zoom: 30x

ISO (for low light): up to 3200

Video: 1080p at 60fps


This point and shoot camera with optical zoom (a big one!), is an absolute steal deal! very rarely does one get a digicam with these specs and at this price. A massive 30X zoom coupled with 1080p video recording and a high ISO factor of 3200 makes this camera worth every penny!




2. Nikon Coolpix L340



Price: $180

Sensor: 20.2 MP

Zoom: 28x

ISO (for low light): 80 – 3200

Video: 720p 


This camera is perfect for people who want to take up photography as a hobby or a profession. The great 20.2 MP sensor captures crisp pictures while the huge 28x zoom is an absolute boon! With around 16 scene modes, you can just switch to the mode required and start making memories!




3. Nikon COOLPIX B500



Price: $257

Sensor: 16 MP CMOS 

Zoom: 40x

ISO (for low light): up to 6400

Video: 1080p at 30 fps


This offering from Nikon is probably with huge 40x zooming abilities is a strong contender for it's zooming abilities with another monster from Canon. In addition to this is the added advantage of Bluetooth, Wifi, and NFC, so that you can instantly share your pictures to your smartphone, computer or tablet!




4. Sony Cyber Shot DSC W830 



Price: $118

Sensor: 20.1 MP

Zoom: 8x

ISO (for low light): up to 3200

Video: 720p 


This offering from Sony has a built in Image Stabilization, a big plus for point and shoots, and definitely, makes it a strong contender for the best point and shoot camera under $300  Along with that, you get a quality Carl Zeiss lens and a huge 20.1 MP sensor which more than makes up for the average zooming abilities of the camera.




5. Canon PowerShot SX530



Price: $230

Sensor: 16 MP High-Sensitivity CMOS

Zoom: 50x

ISO (for low light): 3200

Video: 1080p at 30fps


The SX530 from canon can be safely called the best point and shoot camera with zoom, thanks to it's massive 50x zoom. So those tricky long shots won't be all that tricky. In addition to this, you get Intelligent image stabilization and Wifi and NFC connectivity!




6. Olympus TG-870



Price: $207

Sensor: 21mm ultra wide angle

Zoom: 5x

ISO (for low light): Auto

Video: 1080p


Olympus is a name that synonymous with the word tough. This is by far the most rugged camera you'll get for $300 according to point and shoot camera reviews. It is waterproof up to 50 feet, drop-proof up to 7 feet, crushproof up to 220 pounds and freeze-proof down to 14°F, which makes it the best camera for travel! 




7. Canon PowerShot SX420



Price: $249

Sensor: 20 MP CCD sensor

Zoom: 42x

ISO (for low light): 6400

Video: 720p


Another small budget camera with a big zoom and big sensor, these make it the perfect point and shoot camera for video, and for sports photography! This device boasts off high-speed auto-focus, Wifi and NFC built-in and a host of modes that include the like of Fish-eye, Face self-timer, Miniature mode and others!




8. Samsung WB350F 



Price: $269

Sensor: 16 MP

Zoom: 21x

ISO (for low light): 3200

Video: 1080p


Samsung has always been pro-user functionality! This camera is no different and offers a huge list of functions like Social Media Upload, E-mail, Photo beam, DirectLink, Mobile Link, PC Auto-backup, Remote Viewfinder, All Share etc all from the camera or the supporting app. In addition, you can add a MicroSDXC card up to 64GB, which means more memories!




9.  Fujifilm XP90



Price: $185

Sensor: 16.4 MP BSI-CMOS

Zoom: 5x

ISO (for low light): 6400

Video: 1080p


Another toughie, but this time from the old-timer Fujifilm. This one is too is waterproof (50feet), dustproof,  shockproof (5.8ft) and freezeproof (-10°C), like it's other toughie cameras. It has Wifi and NFC capabilities, 2 types of enhanced zooms, and motion panorama 360 amongst its host of features!




10. Nikon COOLPIX W100



Price: $157

Sensor: 13.2 MP

Zoom: 3x

ISO (for low light): 1600

Video: 1080p


The last camera on our list is a device from Nikon. This point and shoot too, is a waterproof, dustproof, freezeproof and shockproof camera, that gives all these paddings for a bit less than it's competitor, making it a must-have travel companion. But the smaller sensor and the average zooming ability make this one one of the mid-level cameras for under $300.




With that, ends our quest to find the best point and shoot camera under $300. We hope that we have given you enough to choose a camera that suits your needs and budget. Do share with us your views on these devices in the comments section. Also, you can use one of the emoticons to let us know how you feel about this post. Happy clicking!


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