Here’s What Your Favorite Lipstick Color Says About Your Personality

There’s a saying that how you present yourself is how people view you. Well, that’s true to the core. Whenever we see a person for the first time, we immediately form an opinion of them. Ever wondered how? It’s every intricate detail that the person portrays. From fashion to beauty to accessories, each detail tells something different about a person. The same goes for your lipstick color! We present an analysis of what few common lipstick colors say about their beholder.

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1. Red

Red, more accurately bright red, is all about making a bold statement. It’s a symbol of being charismatic, fearless, and clever. If you are one of those women that always go with lighter shades, try putting on bright red for a change and witness the transformation in your courage and boldness. Also, red lipstick makes you stand out and brings attention to you. People actually listened to you. No wonder, red is worn by some of the world’s most intelligent and charismatic women.

2. Mauve

Mauve is a combination of violet and gray. A person wearing mauve gives out a vibe of being in control. They don’t come out as someone seeking attention and being flashy but displays a streak of confidence and a shower of negotiation ability.

3. Light Red

Subtle red is worn by people who have a touch of modesty. They never wish to catch anybody’s eye or be the center of attention. They are very patient and do not open up easily. People have to put in an extra effort to get to actually know them.

4. Pink

Wearing hot pink is all about being adventurous. Adorning this color sends out an indication that you are quite comfortable with your wild side. You say “yes” to adventurous pursuits, easily make new friends, try out new foods, and live for new experiences. This shade helps introvert people to be bold and take up adventurous journeys in life.

5. Baby Pink

Like the color itself, people wearing this shade just want to look adorable! This shade is mostly worn by people who like all things cute and cuddly. They go about saying “Awww” for every cute picture or video they come across. People who are really tough to get with can try out this shade to bring out a friendlier personality from within. We know you have it inside, just need a little baby pink to get the ball rolling!

6. Black

Black does not mean that you are in first name basis with the Devil but it does indicate that you have a dark side. Well, don’t we all? It’s just that people bold enough to wear black have identified and accepted their dark side as part of their life. These are people who live in very niche areas with niche interests and much less amusement. They are withdrawn from the world and lost in their own thoughts.

7. Soft Metallic

Metallic lipsticks talk about the people who grow out of their dream to become famous one day but still crave the spotlight. They are expert on all things and perfect for the glamor world.

8. Deep Plum

Sweet and kind, they always want to bring happiness to people around you and cannot even resist making people fall in love with them.

9. Warm Tangerine

An orangey red lipstick color can be daring and bold. You might have an exceptionally good taste in music, and you prefer to rock a vampy all-black getup for a night out.

So girls! Next time you want someone to think of you in a certain way, try out a lipstick color depicting that personality.

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