Here are 10 Superb Things To Do When Depressed

Do you know that nearly 5% of the world's population are victims of depression? That is nearly 350 million people are suffering from overwhelming sadness. The number could be more because most of them are in such overwhelming grief that they do not understand that they are in a depression. Sometimes it can be for a single period, or worse is the case when it is recurring. 

It can drain out of your energy from your body and drive to such level of mental chaos that committing suicide is the only way you will find. Unless you have a bipolar disorder where depression comes back in cycles, there are certain things you can do when you realize the darkness of depression is surrounding you. 

Loss of interest in everything, anxiety, sudden sadness, restlessness, mental irritation, insomnia, weight loss, inability to focus on works is some of the symptoms you need to watch out for. 

Check Out The Things To Do When Depressed 


1. Play With Kids or Pets 



If you have kids or pets at your home, take some time out to play with them. You will be surprised to observe that they are happy without any reason. Playing with them will surely make you laugh and keep your heart happy.


2. Watch Funny Videos 



Now, you have so many ways to watch whatever you want. Go to YouTube or Netflix and watch some funny videos like pranks or comedy movies and laugh your heart out. You will feel better and constant laughter is the natural remedy for depression.


3. Hit The Gym Or Do Jogging 



When you are depressed, your body functions become slow. During that period, you need to hit the gym twice at least and workout as long as you can. Take out all your frustrations and depressions in life out in the gym. If you have the arrangement at home, then you are in heaven. Else, you can also do jogging in the morning and evening.


4. Play Rock Music and Dance 



The worst thing you can do when you are depressed is to listen to sad and slow songs. Instead, you should play rock songs or party songs and dance your heart out like no one is watching. It is also going to get you a full body exercise.


5. Do Something Creative 



You need to engage your mind constantly, and instead of doing usual things, you need to do something creative that you have never done before. It could be photography, interior designs, video recording for YouTube or cooking something completely different.


6. Eat Your Heart Out 



It is said that you should eat only healthy food when you are depressed. Either you can do that or you can eat all those foods and dishes you always wanted to have. It will make your mind and heart joyful.


7. Deep Meditation 



In depression, your mind is completely overwhelmed with sadness and grief. The vibrations of life energies go down significantly. Therefore, meditation is a natural healer of depression and inner joy will burst forth within you.


8. Visit New Places 



Sometimes, the only thing you need to do when you are depressed is to change your location of stay. You can go for a vacation or visit your relative’s house. As a matter of fact, they can plan a long trip of visiting different places that you always wanted to. Take a break from your social media profiles.


9. Spend Time With Positive People 



There are always some people in our life who are our friends but they have a negative attitude towards life. You need to avoid such people during that depression period and be with the ones who are energetic and positive all the time. They will cheer up your mood and give you the reasons to be happy.


10. Crying Your Heart Out 



If nothing works for you, you need to cry your heart out and make a resolution that after it is over, you will move on from all the factors that are responsible for your depression. There are always some alternative choices to choose from, you just need to find them.


The first step is to admit that you are depressed and only then can you use the above steps to your advantage to come out of depression and be normal and happy again. 



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