10 Haircuts For Wavy Hair That Will Make Guys and Girls Look Extraordinary


Some boys and girls have wavy and curly hair which cause a hindrance for them to do only a few restricted hair styles. But they do not realize that their curly hair makes them stand apart from others and complete unique. Here are the haircuts for wavy hair both for guys and girls that will make them instantly adorable.



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Haircuts For Wavy Hair 



1. Classy Half Spiked Haircut




If you want to go out with such a hairstyle, you better suit up because it is best for special events and occasions. Specs will do better. Make sure that the hair the upper part of the head get more focus than the side ones which are sharp. Use gel properly.





2. Green Day Haircut



All of you know that Green Day is one of the best English music bands in the world. It is one of their signature haircuts where you can color the upper part. Let your hair loose and to one side and put one polo or t-shirts. 




3. Dried and Dusty Wavy Haircut



This is best for those who have a long face with a rather pointed chin. Your hair has to be completely dry, and it should look more like a wave going through your hair. 




4. Rustic Black-Brown Bearded Haircut




Having beards is a must for this, and your hair must be short but not scanty. It should not be fluffy and should look more like braided and strained. 




5. Trendy Side-shaved Haircut



This is a very modern and a trendy haircut for wavy hair carrying men. This is a show stopper and trimmed beard is mandatory. You can apply gel and spike up your head's middle part.




6. Blended Bangs Haircut




The trick is to let the bangs fall till the mid-eyebrows. Therefore, you need to have light layers towards the bottom of the hair. On the side, you can have your natural hair touching your shoulders comfortably.




7. Curly Shag Haircut




If you want to have this controlled freak type of haircut, you need to use a razor to trim off the front hair so that the forehead is clearly visible. The idea is to have more hair towards the center as if everything is emerging that. You need to need the side wavy hair untouched and fluffy. 




8. Long and Wavy Layer Haircut




To have this haircut, you need to have more hair towards your forehead area else you might just look too bald. The wavy part of the front hair is trimmed off so that it remains straightened and the hair of the backside of the head remains untouched.




9. Taylor Swift Haircut




All you need to do is keep the length of the hair on one side bigger than the other side. Girls with less hair could do it easily. The side with less lengthy hair should not go beyond the shoulder. The other side should be completely untouched and as lengthy as it can be.




10. Long and Loose Wavy Haircut




To get this haircut, only the front pair of the head requires attention. The hair at sides needs slight trimming so that the flow is continuous. Girls with short wavy hair can also try it out.



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