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Quick Natural Hacks To Get Rid Of Foul Body Odor!

Body odor is the most repelling thing in the world in the human community. It is a major turn off for men and women. That is why deodorants and perfumes are essential. But applying them every day can give rise to major skin issues. Therefore, to get rid of this embarrassment permanently, you need to seek natural remedies. The following is the list of the natural hacks to get rid of body odor.

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Baking Soda Mixture –

Make a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice and apply that to your body parts from where excessive sweat is coming out. Keep it from 15 minutes and wash it off. This will not only lessen the sweat but also kill the bacteria that cause the foul odor.

Green Tea Bags –

Boil water in a bowl and add green tea bags into it. Pour the solution in your bathing water and take bath with it regularly. The tannins present in the green tea prevent sweat formation.

Fenugreek Seeds –

Even though these seeds are hard to find in all places but it is highly effective in body odor treatment. All you have to do is drink Fenugreek seeds with warm water and you have to detoxify the body internally. Most of the times the bad odor from the body coming out through sweat is due to toxic buildup. If you drink this every day, your body will certainly give out less sweat and less odor.

Lemon Juice Bath –

Dilute lemon juice in warm water and apply it on the skin every day before bathing. This will help you to lower the pH level of your body and kill the bacteria. This has been instrumental in lowering the sweat coming out of different body parts.

Parsley Leaves –

Take water in a bowl and heat in gently. Add Parsley leaves to it and let the water boil. Then let it cool down and drink the water after filtering it. It is said that the chlorophyll of the leaves helps eliminate the odor-causing bacteria.

Detox Diet –

If these things do not work, you need to visit a dietician and get a detox diet chart to follow every day. This is applicable for those in whom the body odor has appeared suddenly and especially if you are eating a lot of junk food for the last few weeks to months. The bad odor is giving out the toxic buildup inside the body.

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