A Guide to Buy an Authentic Wrist Watch for Women Online

A quality watch isn’t just a tool that shows time, it’s a sign of taste, a reflection of the image you wish to project and it’s definitely something that shouldn’t be “faked”. Women’s wrist watches, rather than being simple tools of horology are an emotive accessory that helps add an immediate panache to your everyday look.

The quality of craftsmanship and components makes a huge difference between a watch that gets the title of ‘throwaway’ fashion and one that has been solidly built with a promise of looking great for years, if not decades.

At Timex, we are obsessed with intricately engineered designer watches. We understand the complexities involved while choosing an authentic wrist watch for women online. Whether you are looking for something functional, a fashion accessory or something that can be passed on to your grandkids, here are a few tips to help you make the right decision:-

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Wrist Watch Buying Guide for Women


One of the best ways to ensure quality is to choose your watch from a well-known brand. By buying from a reputed seller, you can stay assured of the quality of the timepiece. Additionally, looking at the materials it is made up of is crucial to ensure durability.

Precious metals and beautiful embellishments are a sign of excellence. Keep in mind that watches with PVD coating help prevent tarnishing while those made in stainless steel have a high level of purity. Look for glasses that are scratch resistant and hence durable.


Another important thing to keep in mind to ensure quality is the movement. Most of the buyers fail to recognize and understand this concept but its importance cannot be denied. As a rule of thumb, authentic and quality women’s wrist watches have a quartz movement. When looking for luxury watches for women, mechanical movements can be the best bet.

Overall look and finish matters too when it comes to buying authentic women’s watches. Quality watches with a beautiful finish usually have balance and symmetry. The more you do your research about the watch, the easier it becomes to spot the tell-tale signs of quality.

Timelessness In Terms Of Designs

Quality is about being able to buy a watch style that anyone can fall in love with for years to come. From embellished jewelry watches to sporty styles, there are a lot of watch designs to choose from. There are brands offering unisex watches as well. But in the end, it’s all about a design that complements your taste.  The difference is brought about by strap design, colors and embellishments.

While a square dial looks elegant, a round dial gives a sporty utilitarian feel. A bracelet strap, on the other hand, hits glamorous note while simple leather looks chic. Authenticity, in the end, is all about finding a watch that goes with your personal aesthetic, once you have confirmed the quality of course.

If you are a fan of functionality and aesthetics, you may want to check out Timex’s women’s watch collection. All of our watches are intricately designed and made to an exceptionally high standard. If you are planning to buy branded watches online in India, stay assured of authenticity if Timex is what you are considering as your option.

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