Guess! List Of Most Expensive Things The Richest Guy In Asia Owns!

Mukesh Ambani, the owner of Reliance Industry, recently overtook Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, as the richest person in entire Asia. Mukesh’s net worth stands at $44.3 billion whereas the net worth of Jack Ma is $44 billion. You will be surprised to learn the most expensive things the elder Ambani brother owns.

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1. Antilia

Antilia is where Mukesh Ambani lives. It is a 40-storey luxury home in Mumbai. In fact, it is the second most expensive residential property. The net worth of the private residential property is around 6000 crores to 12000 crores. There are three helipads and there is one private theatre where 50 people can sit together.

2. Boeing Business Jet

Mukesh Ambani is the most expensive private jet in the world. All the businessmen and women who are richer than him, none of them have such a luxurious private jet. This is a record in itself something Mukesh can take pride in. The cost of the private jet is 500 crores. On top of that, he owns a Falcon 900EX which is worth over 300 crores. He also has Airbus 319 Corporate jet and that is his collection of private jets.

3. Most Expensive Cars

Ambani owns a Maybach 62 which is worth over 7 crores and it is bullet and bomb proof. He also has an armoured BMW 760 Li which costs over 8.5 crores. These are the most expensive cars and he has one of the largest vanity vans with a sky lounge and that van is worth over 25 crores. Furthermore, he has Aston Martin Rapide that can achieve the highest speed of over 200 miles per hour. The Rolls-Royce Phantom and Mercedes SL 500 are also in the collection.


4. Invitation Card

It is usual for rich dads to spend extravagantly on the wedding of their sons and daughters. But Mukesh went one step ahead to get the most expensive invitation card for Akash Ambani’s pre-engagement ceremony and each of them cost over 1.5 lakh. Therefore, you can do the math to find you how much it cost him to get all the invitation cards.

5. Yacht

It is common for the richest guys in the world to own a yacht where they can go out with their family and have fun without any distraction from fans and followers. Mukesh owns a yacht that costs over 685 crores.

Well, his Japanese Noritake teacups cost nearly 3 lakhs each. Now, you can imagine the cost of the tea or coffee he takes in every day.

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