Get the Best Deals Online and Make Your Goa Trip a Memorable One

Not everyone travels with plans to enjoy all the luxuries and comforts without any concern for budget. Especially, In India where before deciding the destination people fix their budget for the vacation. Most of the tourist in Goa are in their mid-twenties and let’s face it, many of them travel on a tight budget. Well, a tighter budget not always means compromise. With a lot of Travel websites and mobile app, a smart consumer can easily grab some nice deals provided they play their cards right. Today, we have put together multiple tips and tricks to keep handy in order to save some bundles while booking for your travel to the party land, Goa.

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Be an Early bird

First and foremost, always try to get done with bookings a couple of months before the travel. It is a rule of thumb to be an early bird to save some significant amount on your bookings. Flight bookings done around two months before the travel in comparison to the last minute booking is very cheap and you can even save upto 5 times if you are lucky. Similar is the case with goa resort bookings and other stuff.

Don’t be limited to popular websites and Always compare

One of the common mistake people make is that they visit just a few popular websites to check for the deals. What we recommend instead is to dive a bit deeper and don’t be afraid to try the newer and less popular options. Furthermore, don’t finalize your deal without comparing and there are websites available solely for this purpose too. In short, explore more and compare.

See what your cards can offer and checkout for the Cashbacks

If you are a frequent traveler, then you probably will be aware of the perks that credit/debit card points offer and how they can save a few bucks in traveling. Also, the system of cashback has been getting very popular. Many popular travel apps are now going for a proprietary form of digital currency and have some refer and earn program associated with it. Don’t hesitate from trying it, go for it as you can really earn some points which you can redeem as real currency while booking hotels and stuff.

Opt-in for newsfeed, offers and price drops

Have you noticed that whenever you window shop something online suddenly all of your ad feed gets filled with the similar ads? This is due to cookies, small packets of data stored locally. What you need to be concerned with is that go and surf the net, show your interest on multiple websites. This will expose your intent of traveling to Goa and you will get information for the price drops and offers in your ads. Not only this, sign up for the newsfeed from the travel and goa resorts websites as they keep you updated with the present offers and price drops via regular e-mails.



Observe the pattern and check for the least expensive day of the month or week

Okay, for this particular tip we are considering that you are in the midway of your hunt for nice deals. We just want you to add one more task to your to-do list while researching. Observe the pattern on the offers, when they get changed, which day of the week or the month has the cheapest offer. Mostly, you can find nicer deals on Wednesday but it is not a hard and fast rule and we would advise that you should confirm it for every particular website yourself. It might take some time and effort but believe us, it will be fruitful eventually.


Some goa resorts offer discounts for aged travelers. So, they are really promoting the opinion that age is just a number which you can now use for your benefit and grab some bang for your buck deals in resort booking.

If available then try to book a corner room, it might not save you some real cash but often corner rooms tend to have a larger area which I hope nobody would dislike.

If there is a new hotel that just opened recently or if some hotel group is celebrating some anniversary, then they definitely have some great deals going on during that period. So, be on a lookout for this too.

If you’re a social media influencer, then be open about it because you never know, you might get a free stay or at least some upgrades or benefits as no hotel would like the critics to post some bad review about them.

Okay for the last minute travelers, one quick handy tip is that check into your hotel late in the day because there is a chance that you can get a free upgrade in your booking because of heavy bookings earlier in the day and what is better than that.

So, keep these tips and tricks in your mind when you are on a hunt to get the best deals for your goa holiday. In fact, these tips are very generic and some might even be helpful in getting a nice travel deal to any destination. In the end, we hope that you enjoy a memorable time during your stay at Goa.

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