Four American States Sue the Trump Office over Travel Ban Order!


Fuming over the uproar and chaos that the executive order to ban people from 7 Muslim-majority nations caused at airports, 4  states including New York, Washington, Virginia & Massachusetts have filed lawsuits against the Trump office!



President Trump, on Friday, banned the entry into the US, of people from 7 Muslim nations citing the reason to be a measure against curbing terrorism in America. Due to this reckless and drastic action, even the people with valid immigration documents were stranded at the airports or worse, sent back from whence they came (one of the 7 banned nations).


On Tuesday, the 7th Feb 2017 the New York joined the lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation and other organizations against the Trump administration that executed the order. The ban, caused severe problems at the airports when several people who held green cards were denied entry into US soil, by federal officers enforcing the ban. It is effectively causing harm to the residents of its own nation and predominantly, students of public colleges and universities.


Washington state was the first to sue the white House over the ban on Monday & was backed by retail giant Amazon! Washington was joined by Virginia on Tuesday, following several incidents at the airport. It complained that the student & faculty lives are disrupted and the revenues & talent brought in are significantly reduced by the ban. The state of Massachusetts also complained of facing similar issues due to the ban and joined the states as a plaintiff. The latest addition to this list is New York that has a lot of in & out travelers stranded. 


Many officials of several states including the attorney general of Massachusetts, Maura Healey have called the order as being harmful to the country which has been a beacon of freedom for the entire world, discriminatory against religions & national origin and highly unconstitutional. Several other academics, business, medical & other leaders have condemned the executive ban and shown support for the federal challenge!


More state officials are expected to join the list of plaintiffs against the orders issued by the administration, while the state of Masachussets said that it was filing another lawsuit to get the ban completely ripped down. The president's office is yet to comment on the lawsuits.



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